The Week That Was – 3.15

So here we are, summer happened over night…Last week we had stormy winter!!! And this week it is glorious sunshine!!!DSC_0131

The first part of the week was really stormy and we did a lot of arting…


And reading…


And gaming…


And more gaming…


And yawning…


And sneaking into a big brothers stash of magnets!!!


We made our first Christmas Cookies of the year:


And the whole batch was devoured in minutes, no time to decorate… just munch, munch, munch… They had a lot of friends over to help!!!


Otherwise there were a lot of little bug friends…


We did a whole lot of working for water:



This little trumpeting robot was the offering at my keyboard:


And how cool is this plane!!!


Our book of the week has to be our favorite Sonlight book of all time… we just love this book and save it up till we can read it straight through… no reading a chapter a day for this book!!! Not the most exciting or mysterious book you will ever read… just a snapshot of life!!! And we love it!!!!

Miss Agnes.jpg

And this is what the hoods got up to:

Hood #1: Spent more than a few hours up a tree.DSC_0127

Hood #2: Challenged anyone he could to a game of mastermind…


Hood #3: Yes there is a child under all those curls and she had her first violin lesson – has she waited for this and is she the happiest musician in the world!!!


Hood #4: Enjoyed the rain more than most of us!!!DSC_0817

Hood #5: Made a lot of zoob pies!!!


Hood #6: And this little spy came in from the cold…


Hood #7: Did a whole heap of reading…


Hood #8: Stopped to eat a red pepper growing amongst the poppies…


I think he liked it!!!

Anyway, that’s us!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

8 Replies to “The Week That Was – 3.15”

  1. So love hearing and seeing about your week! Lots of smiles! Maybe now that you got summer we’ll actually get some fall weather here in Texas. đŸ™‚

  2. I enjoyed seeing your week! Thanks also for the post you did a while ago about the Christian convention in Cape Town, interviewing one of the organisers. His positive perspective on SA was so encouraging, confirming my thought that if our family did live in SA for a time in future it could be a real blessing to our children.

  3. Hi Sherrin, South Africa does indeed have a lot going for it!!! I am so glad we could encourage you!!! Have a great week!!!

  4. Hi Kimberly … So far away in Texas!!! I hate to say it but our Autumn was about half a day this year we went from Summer to Winter overnight and I think there went Spring, and we are back again!!! Maybe I am just missing something!!! Highly likely!!! Hope you have a fun week!!!

  5. Hi to Hood#3, enjoy your violin lessons. We have a very enthusiastic violinist in our house and orchestra is by far the favourite extra mural of the week.

  6. Hay Margie… Music is indeed fun!!! I have visions of an orchestra playing for me in my old age, hopefully I won’t be completely deaf from the cacophony of background noise by then!!! Have a lovely musical week!!!

  7. Hello to Hood #3 I miss you so much it is very cold here and there is snow on the mountains.
    love miléna

  8. Hi Milena!!! I made you a present and I am going to post it to you!!! It is getting hotter and I miss more and more. We have been busy with school and I started violin lessons. Have a fun weekend!!!

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