Se7en Make A Field of Fabric Friends…

We are planning a bit of fun on our blog next week, and we will need a bunch of friends… so we made them out of fabric.

Let’s Meet the Players:

  • Fabric Scraps.
  • Thick card to work on.
  • White Craft Glue.
  • Wooden Kebab Sticks.

Let’s Play the Game. Here we go in Se7en Steps:


  1. Out came the fabric scraps… And a whole lot of picking and choosing…
  2. DSC_0361

  3. And then a whole heap of snipping…
  4. DSC_0362DSC_0363DSC_0368
  5. And a heap of plotting and planing…
  6. DSC_0366DSC_0372DSC_0374
  7. Then a heap of gluing. We just used regular white craft glue. We watered it down a little bit to make it easier to spread on the fabric.
  8. DSC_0375DSC_0378
  9. And we left our friends out to dry…
  10. DSC_0411

  11. Then a whole lot more snipping…
  12. DSC_0423DSC_0422DSC_0421DSC_0420DSC_0419DSC_0418DSC_0417DSC_0416DSC_0415
  13. And then we were ready for kebab sticks…Just one more squirt of craft glue:
    And the se7en + 1th thing…

  14. Finally we did a whole lot of planting…
  15. DSC_0454DSC_0453DSC_0452DSC_0451DSC_0450DSC_0449DSC_0448DSC_0446DSC_0445

And our field of friends was done!!!
That’s us!!! Have Fun!!!

20 Replies to “Se7en Make A Field of Fabric Friends…”

  1. Oh so much fun. I love the photos of your children concentrating on making these fabric friends. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for next week.

  2. Hay Cheryl, Actually Hood #3 is passionate about fabric crafts and made two in the time everyone else made one!!! But if you consider Hood #8 is a little short for most of our crafts you will realize that one of the eight projects we produce is almost always mine!!! I can’t help myself… I love chilling out with my kids and if I don’t get busy and make alongside them then I always want to interfere with what they are doing. It is a bit shocking that one can’t ever tell the difference between my craft and their’s!!! I put it down to not nearly enough practice as a child!!! Hope you guys are having a fun weekend!!!

  3. Great idea! Am also looking forward to your blog next week. It looks like you have a few left-handed Hoods?

  4. Ohhhh – some of those fabrics look oddly familiar… you did not get them from the friendly seamstress by chance ūüėČ

  5. Oh I, We did indeed get a lot of them from a friendly seamstress!!! we did a huge clean out at the same time – out with the ancient bits of old trousers and in with the new scraps!!! Have a great week!!!

  6. Hi Jo, Days later – You are so right about all the lefties!!! One or two of our kids are right-handed, everyone else is a lefty… It is always tricky to find a pair of right hand scissors in this house!!! My week of fun is coming!!!

  7. These are wonderful! I think I’ll definately have to try this one too! Thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday! Interestingly enough, the stone wall in your home with the arch and niche look almost exactly like some of the old stone buildings in Israel! All the best!

  8. Hi Sara, My kids are so mad for puppets and I am always looking for easy ways to make them!!! The stone back wall has been there forever and the arches were actually bread ovens for when the locals used to come to town to exchange produce on a Saturday morning, in their horse and cart. Believe it or not!!! I blogged about our kitchen and you are welcome to take a look here: Have a great day!!!

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