Saturday Spot: A Chair for the Mother Person…

With eight kids I don’t often sit down!!! And when I do… I choose a chair that I can blog from!!! My kids however choose a chair right next to me (scroll down this post to see it in action!!!).  They are attached to it, I think it feels a bit like home.


So when I had to make a NEW YEAR CHAIR for Lilla A. I was so inspired by her chairs – go and take a look they are just lovely!!!!I knew it would be  a symbolic chair… My getting away from it all chair…


So I am popping this chair beside my blogspot to remind myself to get crafty this year and not just do a bunch of crafty goodness for my kids. How often I put a whole lot of crafty things out while I get something done… But really I want to be creating alongside of them and doing my own thing while they do theirs. Just like my kids have learnt that reading is a way of life I want them to know that creating is a way of life as well… messing around in the recycling isn’t just a kids occupation and doodling with crayola’s is definitely not a kids only occupation!!!

So here you go: A regular champagne top…


Open up the cage and take the wire out off the “chair legs.”


Once the wire is off you use the wire as the chair back.


Then since the chair was a New Year chair I saved some chocolate wrappers from New Year and snapped the metal cap off the legs…


Wrapped the cap with a wrapper and snapped it back…


Added some beads to the free wire and twisted the ends around two chair legs…


And since it was a festive chair I add some feathers to add to the zoot of a Happy New Year…


Well our New Year Party didn’t require any champagne and I had to wangle to get this cap… but I promise I will getting my hands on a whole heaps of bottle tops next New Year… I have plans for a banquet hall of little tiny chairs!!!

8 Replies to “Saturday Spot: A Chair for the Mother Person…”

  1. Thanks Cheryl!!! Sometimes I just need to remind myself to CREATE!!! Hopefully this will spur me on!!! Otherwise I hope you guys aren’t freezing to death!!! We are so loving summer over here!!! Have a great week!!!

  2. That is the coolest domestic goddess chair I have ever laid eyes on, and of course, it had to be Lindt chocolate inclusive – just love it! Wishing you an expressive year, most creative person! With lots of love.

  3. Hay Jacki… Good to hear from you!!! It is rather a domestic goddess chair!!! I can’t wait to see what every one else made!!! I hope you guys are surviving the cold… we got a book on Canada from the library to check out life on the far side of the world… lots of love

  4. Hay Irene… Glad you like our little chair!!! We have missed you – folk that follow blogs are sorely missed when they are away!!! Have a lovely week!!!!

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