The Week That Was – 3.28

Would anyone care to explain how we got half way through January??? Anyone???
This photograph sums up our week, sunny swimming and plenty of it!!!
Meanwhile, can I just say that our post cards are finally making their way around the world – there is hope you will receive yours too!!! Look at these cute friends reading their postcard in a snowy United States… very exciting!!!
Otherwise the blogspot was transformed into something a little less paperless:
As we worked away in our sketchbook… the whole world become covered in snippets and scraps of fabric and paper and anything else we could lay our hands on.
It is finished now and our house looks like a bomb… just using one pompom and one fabric scrap and one silver gel pen and one scrap of fabric and… I could go on… The amount of chaos all these “one’s” create and I will have to put everything away for the rest of the week… Would I do it again? For sure. Would I leave it till there is less than a week to finish it? Maybe not!!!
Anyway, while that was happening Legoland was transformed into Venice…
And some sort of elaborate stealth fighter chopper thing ket arriving in our bed looking for supplies…
My oldest and youngest learnt how to wait … while their little sister had her hair done…
There was the usual arting…
And crafting…
And copious amounts of watermelon…
A birthday and a trip to the Ice Cafe, I love traditions like this one!!!


And the shortest little hood has had first ice-cream cone ever… he didn’t come up for air, he didn’t grin, he didn’t chortle, he just put his little head down and inhaled it!!!
We managed a trip to the library…
And all was quiet…
My art offering of the week has to be this little angel – too darling for words!!!
And this piece of art wasn’t for me, but for the birthday girl who is mad about diggers, and frankly I think it is awesome!!!
And our books of the week: Remember I mentioned a Picture Book Swap… well our books arrived all the way from Canada… not one, not two but three books… Great excitement all round… Thanks Sam and Boo Book Reviews for spoiling us, we just love our books!!!
The Cow Who Loves Cookies.jpg
This one is a delightful romp and everyone has learnt it off by heart instantly!!!
The Subway Mouse.jpgAn adventurous mouse, who goes more than the distance to find the place of his dreams… he came and he conquers, delightful!!!
The Paper Bag Princess.jpgThis one is a feeble prince, a feisty princess and a relentless dragon… and a great story!!!

And This is What the Hoods got up to:

Hood #1: Can smell the home straight and the last week or two of school!!!
He had his annual trip to Maynardville and his joy was complete!!!
Hood #2: Is reading his way to the end of the school year… despite having to keep his glasses together with a bull clip. Note to mother person, do something about that!!!
Hood #3: This one is on the pure reading track too!!!
Hood #4: Got to spend his Christmas cash … And his joy was complete!!!
And then wore the bag on his head the rest of the day – it would be quite creepy except he was laughing so very much!!!
Hood #5: Spent hours teaching his siblings how to make tacos of the felt variety…
Hood #6: Loves her little sister’s new threading game!!! Luckily ownership is not too big an issue around here!!!
Hood #7: And magnetic paper dolls are the answer to all this little sister’s troubles… when a big sister seems to have all the fun with paper dolls, she finally has something her little fingers can keep up with!!!
Here they are in all their glory…
magnetic dolls.jpg
She has also taken on motherhood with aplomb… and her baby is not arguing one bit!!! And I want you to know that I have never owned a stroller and I have never ambled along with my handbag and cell phone while pushing my baby in one – it is not genetic it is a learnt trait – and she learnt it somewhere else!!!
Hood #8: Occasionally he does return to his real mother for attention, but that is only if I am holding a banana, which I might tell you is the answer to all the worlds troubles. Just in case you needed to know.
He discovered reference books… and doesn’t he just love his facts!!!
And ice cream and custard… what can I say!!!
That’s us – Hope you all have a fabulous fun week yourselves!!!

17 Replies to “The Week That Was – 3.28”

  1. Sounds like a lovely week. How do you keep ownership from being too big of an issue? I only have two kids and I’m frequently taking items away because they’re fighting over them. That’s my rule, once there’s a fight it’s gone! What do you do?

  2. Hi Se7en! How about doing a little spot of se7en toys??? as in those you would go out of your way to buy and have should your house burn down!! you have a great mixed bag of sexes in your family, so would love some ideas ….

  3. I just love the pic of Hood #7 with the pram, bag and cell phone!! A girl thing? I have 2 little boys and they have never pretend-played with a handbag, even though they see me with mine all the time! It just hasn’t even occurred to them! I always enjoy reading about your week and what all the kids have been up to!

  4. Thanks Zoe, it was such great fun to be part of it!!! Thanks so much for organizing it!!! Hopefully they will get their books sometime soon!!! Have a great day!!!

  5. Aha!!! JulieK This is the week folks ask me all sorts of questions in the comments, love it!!! I could probably write a whole post on ownership… in fact as I write my response I decided to turn it into a blog post… that being said… ownership isn’t everything – really, and I will post on it… really… it’s spilling out of my head as I write this!!! Yours, pending…

  6. Hay Mliss, In the olden days when our blog began I did a series of posts on “se7en of the best” and one of them was toys, here it is: “Se7en of the Best Toys.” I should probably update it because in the last few years our toys have significantly dwindled… our family has expanded and our house stays the same size… I don’t see us moving anywhere bigger!!! So our toys have dwindled significantly!!! Let me write an update for you soonish!!!

  7. Okay Phyllis that is just the coolest thing I have ever seen!!! A blog post about our postcard swap!!! I totally love it… Thank you so much!!! I am so thrilled that folks are starting to get their postcards… My kids have forgotten all about it so they will be so excited when they start getting postcards back!!! Have a fun week on the far side of the world!!!

  8. Hay Jo, Isn’t that pic so funny!!! I have no idea where it comes from!!! I have never pushed a stroller carrying a hand bag and chatting on my cell phone… but obviously it is the image of motherhood!!! One of my other daughters spends hours with her pretend “cell phone” chatting away!!! Too funny and none of my boys have ever thought to do that!!! Girls do play so very differently to boys!!! I am so glad you enjoy our “weeks that were”… Hope you guys have a great week!!!

  9. Looking forward to the post then! Most of our “ownership” fights are because my oldest doesn’t want the youngest destroying her “cherished” item. So when I take it away (for the moment) I’m really helping her out by keeping it safe. She doesn’t see it that way tho. One day she’ll know Mother knows best, lol.

  10. Thanks JulieK, I am tossing the topic around in my head and I hope I get it right for you!!! And will they ever believe that mother knows best!!! Lots of love!!!

  11. Hay Jacks…What can I say: Adorable is what adorable is… And I can’t actually believe that the person who sleeps with their face so close to mine that a piece of paper wouldn’t pass between us has turned three… How could this little bundle of cuteness have been alongside me for three years already… birthdays are so bittersweet… time goes too fast and yet I love watching them grow!!! I hope you have a fun weekend!!!

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