Fabulous Friday Fun… #54


  1. Just have a look at Katherine Marie’s so cute Valentines in the snow!!! In the Snow!!! February is our hottest month by far, the wind drops and we usually boil… So Valentines in the snow is truly novel to us!!!
  2. If you don’t follow mini-eco, then you should!!! Heaps of lovely cool, crisp crafts. Take a look at this fabulous post… and if you are ever looking for easy boredom busters on a magnificent scale then just read through the comments – yay for all the creative mom bloggers out there!!!
  3. Emma Bradshaw made me think… that a holiday in the country side would be just so lovely!!!

  4. Material World.jpg

  5. Where Children Sleep on Li’i Magoolie: Gotta get hold of this book… it reminds me of Peter Menzel’s Books that we have read and re read until they are literally falling apart.
  6. And Brichopas showed us these wonderful shapes: Well I just want to play with them – they look so cool to me!!!
  7. I know this beautiful house on Kireei is for me: Just a little holiday… I know it has huge cool rooms, with stone floors, a massive kitchen, a comfy couch and pile of inspiring magazines ( abook would be too much effort), a bedroom with white linen sheets… I know that house has all that…SEND ME THERE, just for a nap!!!
  8. If you are in the UK or you are going to be then here is your chance to win tickets to one of our very favorite museums You have to head over to: Playing by the Book is giving away a family ticket to the Once upon a Wartime exhibit at the Imperial War Museum. Just enter for us we would so like to visit!!!
  9. And the Se7en + 1th Thing…

    Org Junkies 52 Weeks.jpg

  10. This week on Organizing Junkies 52 Weeks She was making decisions… I on the other hand was sorting the Post Pile, which turns out to be the major dump zone in our house: for every scrap of paper and every broken book. It is in our hallway and you have to pass it to go anywhere and it seems that even if you are on the way to the recycling it is far quicker and easier to drop it on the post pile.


    Well the post pile ran out of room… I tossed a bag of recycling and any number of pamphlets on great places to visit and blog about… Cape Town Sights to See and all that… out they went!!!


    I am left with a very neat post pile and a pile of books to mend and one recalcitrant math book that has been missing for weeks…

    I know one person who is going to be less than impressed on Monday morning!!! And true to style I postponed it right until the very last minute… Friday before dinner I dumped the lot on the kitchen table… I just had to sort it then!!! Meanwhile if you like near a IKEA (sob… no where near) then dash over to the Organizing Junkie and enter her GiveAway. Do it for me!!! I would love a GiveAway at IKEA!!!

  11. DSC_0636

    This week I intend to begin with a bit of book mending!!! ANd then tackle another “sore eye in our front hall, it is called the “hanging thing” for obvious reason… it is jam packed with things borrowed or ready to donate or that belong elsewhere round the house but we are just too lazy to pack it away…


    This is just appalling!!! Of course I am building up to the craft drawers in our front hall, which happen to be over flowing… Madness that our front hall should incur so much damage… Clearly it is in need of a great deal of attention and it just doesn’t get it as we pass to and fro… A welcoming site our front hall: Most people hide their junk out of site – Oh no we on the other hand lay it our for all to see as they enter the door!!! Very welcoming, I think not!!!

Otherwise I want to say thank-you to all the folks who featured our crafts around the blog world this week:

And finally thank-you to all of you for jar suggestions last week… we have a jar and we are good to go on the Microbe Biosphere Project over at the Magnifying Glass… join us, I think it is going to be great!!!

Magnifying Glass.jpg

That’s us… Hope you are having a fabulous weekend… We have made a totally awesome craft to show you… but a certain gentleman is teething… I am dying to write it up… but one handed blogging is more than I can achieve!!!

10 Replies to “Fabulous Friday Fun… #54”

  1. Wow can I relate to the clutter issues. I just cleaned out my craft and fabric closet and got rid of 3 boxes of stuff and 7 bags of magazines! I still have a couple more “trouble spots” to deal with but I’m making progress. Thanks for the great post full of info an links to check out.

  2. I’m busy organizing and decluttering. Baby steps at the moment. I followed the link to your bed bugs. Absolutely sweet and love that you called them bed bugs.

  3. You are just too sweet to me!!!! I’d send you the biggest box of all this snow if I could. I am soooo ready for a bit of sunshine…. It is very dark here! What if we just swapped homes for a week… Wouldn’t that be fun?! That would make for one fun blog post.:):) I like that ecomini—really fantastic-thanks for the info!

  4. Hi Tanya, Well done on sorting your crafts!!! I am planning to tackle our craft drawers next week… I think what happens when we are doing school we grab what we need and stuff it back to clear the surface and grab the next thing and stuff it back… ALL YEAR!!! Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you enjoy the links and have a fabulous week!!!

  5. Oh Julie K… If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have done it!!! As it is I left it to the last minute on Friday evening!!! Thanks for the boost!!! I may need a year of them!!! Hope you guys have a fun week!!!

  6. Hi Cheryl… I loved your “making something for me” post…. We have had shady internet so surfing is a little staggered!!! Good luck with those baby steps – it is killing me I feel like every time I start something I have to make a meal – perhaps a week of starvation is the key!!!

  7. Hi KM, A house swap would be just fine!!! You would have a week on the beach and us a week in the snow… Sounds too good to be true!!! I love to show you new things, isn’t ECO-Mini is just fab!!! Have a great great week!!!

  8. Oh Cheryl, that is funny!!! What can I say we will have to do small incremental steps in the great clutter busting… Lots of love!!!

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