The Week That Was – 3.35…

Well March arrived!!! And it has been blistering heat all week…


Our entire week was about the splash!!! It was just too hot to do anything else!!!


Well there was some floating as well!!!


And someone really wishing he could have a swim…


And our annual trip to the OGGI factory shop for new costumes… if you live in Cape Town it’s their half price sale!!!


Look how good looking he is!!!


There were haircuts…


And the sweetest most patient hairdresser in the world!!!


And Geckos…


More than a few…


And amazing clouds…


And stuffed pimento peppers… yum!!!


A little visitor kept coming to the front door!!!


And showers of flowers…


And this young man, who can only be expected to watch the fun for so long…


Before he is off to join in!!!


There was some sort of performance …


Of the Mexican Wave variety…


And walkie Talkies – every where!!!


And this is the book we are reading at bed time at the moment… inhailing every glorious detail!!! Easy to absorb history in story form… lovely!!!

And this is what the Hoods got up to:

Hood #1:

Has tree climbing skills that…


I find slightly alarming… but I say nothing!!!


Look at his view of ant town!!!


Hood #2: Provided endless arms… for the whole game of: hold your nose…


Look for arms…


And leap…


And catch…


And repeat…


Until he just couldn’t any more!!!


Hood #3: Found this amazing visitor to Cape Town, who was passing through on her way to Venice, how wonderful is that!!! My children collect friends and invite them to dinner!!!


And her first “in the kitchen” concert…


Hood #4: Had a week of things linear…


And sorting the kitchen drawers for me!!!


Hood #5: Takes guests for dinner more and more seriously… I tell you living with a chef has it’s moments.


I can now rely on my six year old chef to provide all side-dishes for all dinner parties!!!


Hood #6: I am not sure but I think Grace Kelly may have moved in… for a time…


And when the roof of our car rusts off completely she will be thrilled with the resulting convertible.


Hood #7: Is in charge of the watering…


And she does a really good job of it!!!


And just would not get out of the pool!!!


Hood #8: Got up to mischief of one kind and another… Including wild flower thievery!!!


And personal picnics that no one else knew about!!!


And his big brother thought he would like an exotic journey…


But only for about five seconds…


That’s us!!!
And just in case you think I will be doing nothing all week, and all our decluttering is done… this is on my list of things to tackle or not!!! Let’s just say the whole project is weather dependant!!!


Cheers guys, hope you have a fun fun week!!!

8 Replies to “The Week That Was – 3.35…”

  1. I love your kids, especially Grace Kelly! Hood 8 is getting to be such a big boy!

    Hope you manage to finish all your decluttering. I heard that it was boiling hot in CT – a colleague went down for business (do you guys also say “up to Jhb” :)) and had a non air-conditioned car and nearly died!

  2. Love your blog! It’s so happy, colourful, bright, breezy and inspirational. You are blessed with beautiful children and my children love seeing what your guys get up to! Thank you for sharing your adventures. 🙂

  3. Hay Marcia!!! You stopped by and commented, how totally brilliant is that!!! It is boiling down here… roasting heat even in the middle of the night!!! We have organic aircon… we open the windows!!! I can’t think when last we had the slightest drop of rain!!! And yes Every Where is pretty much “up from Cape Town!!!” Every Where!!! Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

  4. What lovely, happy photos. I have some comments …. I am scared just looking at hood no. 1 climbing that tree! Not to mention taking a photo from way up high! And brave hood no. 8 just leaping into the pool like that! What adventurous eaters you have …. Pimento peppers (and I counted 8!) I love hood no. 3’s green outfit. I bet she loves it, too. Sounds like you all had a great week. P.S. You have inspired me to start my own decluttering at home which I have been postponing for a while now. If you can tackle that pile, then I can surely tackle mine!

  5. Hi S, I try not look at what my mad hat boys do too closely!!! Yes she loves her green!!! And I had never thought of adventurous eaters before but you have a point there!!! And finally all the best with decluttering – I am so getting my house into shape, it’s fantastic!!! Hope you have a brilliant week!!!

  6. Hey, I enjoyed the pictures, adorable kids, Ha ha over the declutering the books. (Ugh) I would choose the pool or water, ocean, over that anytime. Hope our warm weather is coming here soon. Have a great one!

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