Se7en Picasso Portraits…

When I heard Lilla A was calling for Self-Portraits I knew it was time for us to do a little Art-Appreciation… and some exploring in the world of Picasso…

lilla-a self portrait

Let’s begin with some fabulous links:

So I gave everyone a paper plate and left them to it… And believe it or not eight kids all came up with eight completely different techniques and eight very different portraits…
Hood #1: The king of junk art got all the recycling out to assess his options.


Hood #2: Decided that paper mache was the way to go.


Hood #3: Wanted to cut and paste and needed really shiny paper.


Hood #4: Wanted to make a paper collage.


Hood #5: Wanted to make some shiny bits to shine through in the sunlight.


Hood #6: Is all about the snipping…


Hood #7: Painting is life!!!


Hood #8: Once he got over the horror of drawing on a plate… he is a very organized fellow and drawing is for paper!!!


And here you go:

The Gallery


That’s us!!! Hope you all have a fun weekend!!! And thanks Lilla A for another great project!!!

16 Replies to “Se7en Picasso Portraits…”

  1. I love love love this idea! We will have to do this next week while we’re at the grandparents!

  2. Hay Cheryl… Thanks!!! They had such fun!!! I love seeing all the individuals popping out!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

  3. Hi Kimberly… It was a lot of fun… just letting everyone do there own thing!!! Paper plates have never created quite so much chaos before!!! Hope you have a great weekend and visit with grandparents next week!!!

  4. Wow- I just discovered your blog last week and am completely hooked. You seem to be nurturing some wonderfully creative young people there- love it! So glad I found you.

  5. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! WOW!!! WOW!!! Tell the kiddos how I’m in AWE of their creativity!!!! I love hood #1s idea for incorperating JUNK ART into his project— you know how much I love ‘found art’! Thanks for posting your WONDERFUL-ness!!! xoxoxoxo

  6. Hay KM, Your Enthusiasm just fills me with joy!!! I hope you guys have a great week… I loved your touchy, feely, explory boxes this week – loved them!!!

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