Fabulous Friday Fun #60

  1. Ok, you need to sit down for this awesomeness over at The Magnifying Glass this week… and their collection of nature note booking posts, here they are:
  2. Hello, Why aren’t there more “Day in the Life” posts? Look at this fabulous Day in the Life Post of an Editor from Chronicle Books!!!
  3. Would you just look at these lovely lovely lovely cushions… oh sigh!!! Eye Candy as far as the eye can see!!!
  4. I just love Time to Craft’s flowing crafts that just roll off the press… just look at the Little Things post, another lovely day in the life. Love it!!!
  5. Just suppose you want to step into a book… Little House in the Big Woods, Understood Betsy,… then you have to look at Simple Bites in the Big Woods: A Sugaring Off Story.
  6. I am loving Made by Rae’s Celebrate the Boy, look at this post packed with inspiration!!!
  7. DSC_0404
  8. A Thousand Paper Cranes for Christ Church: We learnt how to make paper cranes this week and I have a feeling with all the disasters around the world it is the least we can do while we pray for folk who have lost everything they hold dear. And if you would like to send new books to children in New Zealand, who have their world to rebuild, then get along to this post at Playing by the Book, to get the details.
  9. And the Se7en + 1th Thing…

    Org Junkies 52 Weeks.jpg
  10. This week on The Organizing Junkies 52 Weeks: #10 Tips for Cluttered Surfaces.

    I can’t believe it has been 10 weeks of organizing… especially since I didn’t think I had very much to do – how wrong I was!!! Anyway I couldn’t get on with the books this week… We bolted the book case to the wall (yes my kids are climbers…) and the bolts didn’t set… so off to the hardware store for some more rock grip and the books will be done this week coming!!! I tell you its been two weeks of books in piles on the floor and certain people are losing their minds!!!


    Anyway it wasn’t a bad idea to ease up a little and enjoy the results of the decluttering we have done so far. I did manage to do my closet – took all of five minutes!!! And the rest the of the week was spent on consolidating!!!

    I needed a week to consolidate our new habits… keeping all surfaces clear and putting things away when you are finished with them rather than doing it twice because first you plonk it in a drop zone and then you put it away. I am making every effort to just get rid of our drop zones… In fact, I did away with the post pile!!! Remember what headache the post pile was for me at the beginning of the year… Well its gone!!! I reckoned it was just an excuse for dumping stuff… so junk mail goes straight in the bin and actual post gets filed straightaway… What was I thinking with a post pile!!! Another decluttering habit is filling a big bag of things to donate each week – slowly and steadily I am just filling them up… this week I decided to add an extra bag of recycling to the mix… We have so much extra paper lying around our house: scraps, projects, whatever… lots of the stuff and I am making every effort to pack an extra recycling bag for our garbage man every week!!!


    So yay to new habits and a lull in the chaotic storm!!! And this week I will definitely be doing those books!!!

And last but not least… A Blog Award…


Please pop over to my young friend at Beautiful Girlhood, with a really simply brilliant blog – leave her a comment and make her day!!!
That’s us – Hope you are having a really brilliant weekend!!!

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  1. Thanks Se7en for mentioning our book drive – we really do need more families to send books. Although we’ve paired up 27 families in Christchurch, we have more than 20 more families who have asked from some support.

    On a different topic, really wanted to recommend The Birchbark House (Louise Erdrich) to you (if you don’t already know it) – if you like the Little House books, then you really must read The Birchbark House – set at a similar time but telling the story of a native american family. They too do sugaring 🙂

  2. Oh Thank you Zoe… We will look out for Louise Edrich in the library tomorrow… thanks so much for the tip!!!

  3. Loved those nature posts. We did your nature scavenger hunt the other day, it was very popular! Thanks!

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