Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #63…

  1. Since we are blogging all about books at the moment, this has to be one of my fave posts of the week: 50 + Picture Books Every Child Should Read – A Non Perscriptive List for Inspiration on Playing by the Book. I don’t think I could limit my list to just fifty!!! Who doesn’t love a brilliant picture book!!!
  2. Just look at the Spring Time Peg Doll Collection on the Crafty Crow… too totally sweet for words!!!
  3. Give yourself a three minute break, just for fun, and watch An Orchestra of 200 kitchen appliances on Unplggd.
  4. Lilla A’s Wooden activity board is so cute I would want to play with it all day!!!
  5. These Balloons on Li’l Magoolie are just the coolest – the whole sweet alphabet!!!
  6. Would you look at this yumminess, we will definitely try this Sweet and Saltiness Yumminess from the Contented Sparrow.
  7. And would you look at this… 50 Fabulous “How to” Free Sources from Heart of the Matter… Heaps of fun things to try already!!!
  8. And the Se7en + 1th Thing…

    Org Junkies 52 Weeks.jpg
  9. This week on The Organizing Junkies 52 Weeks: #13 Purge Magazine Backlogs…

    I have no problem purging magazines!!! If they do come in then I make sure they go out again almost instantly. We actually don’t buy any… well my kids do get National Geographic sometimes, and I have an avid Popular Mechanics fan, who occasionally gets lucky. But, like all things in our house… there is only so much space and when the space is full they have to choose. I stopped buying magazines when I realized just how very much they cost. I used to buy magazines for inspiration… I can look at beautiful houses and homes like anyone else!!! I love magazines that peak into other folks homes and add a recipe or two and then show you a walk in the country-side… I can pass on the how to look ten years younger and all the how to “catch your man” articles… but I realized for the price of two such magazines I could buy a book that I really wanted… A magazine I would inevitably pass on, a book I would keep and treasure… So I just stopped buying magazines. I make sure that I get one or two design books from the library each week to satisfy my “beauty-seeking eye”… and I am happy with that!!! What I do need to do is make a list of the kids magazines they have a collection of horrible histories and horrible science magazines so that we can use them more intentionally and they can read them as they correspond to their school topics.

    This weeks focus was on decluttering and sorting out school stuff, particularly all the bits and pieces of last years schools, taped, glued, corralled and packed away … making room for the year ahead… Anyway the surfaces are clear, last years school books are all present and accounted for and saved in the closet and all our books are on the shelf I just need to put them in order and our school is good to go!!!

    I was feeling a little despondent about decluttering, like I had spent the whole summer doing a major project each week. And yet the projects just keep on coming. I but I was rewarded… take a look at the sweet rewards of a massive decluttering, remember we had a wall of bookcases…


    Then we had a massive mess… and a serious number of “Do you love it or not?” sessions…


    Then we had a couple of things put into the gap so that no-one put anything into the “empty” space.


    And we have arrived!!! A couple more beds and some very happy campers…


    And we now have a “boys room,” with the library on the far wall…


    Though I may have set myself a heavy task: four boys in a room… means I will have to monitor the junk build up very carefully!!! Daily rather than weekly and certainly never monthly!!!

    That’s us – Hope your Weekend is the best ever!!!

9 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #63…”

  1. I know what you are saying about magazines. It’s the same thing all over again and alot of advise isn’t that great. Books are better, I agree! Love your post! Keep it up!

  2. Thanks so much for linking to my picture book post! All the contributors said how difficult it was to keep their section to just 10 books! And I love the link to the kitchen appliances making music – my kids adore making music on pots and pans and this would inspire them to take it to the next level (not that they need any encouragement to press buttons in the kitchen!) Thanks again Se7en. Hope you had a great weekend.

  3. Hay Becky L. – you are such an encouragement!!! I am so enjoying the 52 weeks because it doesn’t matter if you do a big project or a tiny project, just as long as you keep on plodding!!! I hope you have a great week and find something great to organize!!!

  4. Hay Zoe, What can I say … A Fabulous post needs to spread around!!! Glad you enjoyed the percussion!!! I look forward to reading more wonderfully book posts on your blog!!! Have a fun week!!!

  5. 🙂 You have such a wonderful way of telling a story – draws you right in. Boys room looks wonderful!! A big WELL DONE! Love, Karyn

  6. Thanks MArgo, We love them too. It is hard to find a white wall anywhere in our house!!! Have a fun week!!!

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