Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #64…

  1. Look at this pretty stunning wonderful window!!! I spotted on Ohdeedoh I love it!!!
  2. Totally love this egg hunt from Imagine Childhood.
  3. And if you are after beautiful eggs then look at these watercolor eggs of Alisa Burke.
  4. Oh a lovely crafty round up from the Long Thread. LOVELY!!!
  5. I know, I know everyone is thinking about Spring, but Life Your Way was thoughtful enough to post packed with links for us Southern Hemisphere types: A heap of Autumn.
  6. Everybody is talking about Spring and I am so inspired by all the ideas in this post… would you look at all these gardens from green your way!!! I am trying to tell myself that our Winter isn’t that bad, really!!! And I need to get planting… now that the summer winds have somewhat abated.
  7. I had my fill of eye candy here… I went to look at a fab duvet cover I saw on Meet me at Mikes and I stayed!!! Oh my word lots and lots of the things to look at so if you are in the mood for window shopping take a look at Not on the High Street…
  8. And the Se7en + 1th Thing…

    Org Junkies 52 Weeks.jpg

  9. This week on The Organizing Junkies 52 Weeks: #14 Does Your System Need A Change?
    This week we conquered the girls things and while the boys stuff is all about strings and stones and nails and wire… girls are all about millions and millions of little pictures, pictures they have cut out and saved, pictures they have printed and colored, pictures they have printed and intend to color, pictures that they have cut out for a friend… pictures that they may use for a project, pictures they could use to make a card… pictures. That’s the paper… the rest is millions and bazillions of itty bitty things that are all as valuable as precious jewels…I have finally done it!!! I have gone through all the kids stuff I could do it in my sleep now…

    • Take their explosion of stuff toss it on their bed or the table.
    • Put everything that should be put away… away – where it belongs.
    • Sort what remains and we have three categories: stationary, important papers and treasure… anything else is tossed in the recycling or donated.
    • Put everything back in the available space…
    • Get rid of the rest!!!
    • Done – Move on to the next kid and repeat.

    Here is a boy’s before picture:


    And an after picture:

    And a girl’s before picture doesn’t look much better:

    And a girly after picture:

    This was definitely the summer of getting rid of stuff!!! And finally we seem to fit into our space. And now the maintenance begins… I need a better maintenance plan, that’s for sure. We left it far too long between major declutters and I need to figure out a way to make putting things away routine!!! Not just clearing the surfaces, actual putting things away… neat piles of stuff and stuff packed carefully onto a shelf is really no good. It needs to be put away!!! We do have an end of the day clean up but that is more about clearing the surfaces and all shoes on the shelf and so on. Actually what I really need in our house is a “book returner” someone who returns books back to where they belong when people are finished with them. Books travel in our house and enough of that… I think we need to make it an official job!!!

    That’s us – Hope your Weekend is the best ever!!!

2 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #64…”

  1. That snake in the boy’s before picture is a little too life-like. Please tell me it is plastic! 🙂 Eek!

  2. Nope Linda B… it is not the real thing!!! You can buy wooden snakes from hawkers at the stop lights here, it is a stick of wood with fine slits in it so that the wood bends… and then a very real snake is painted onto the wood… and they really can look like the real thing!!! Hope you recover from the shock really quickly!!! Have a great weekend!!!

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