Let’s Go and Fly A Kite… in Se7en Steps…

So I have been working on a post for about three weeks now and every night I say tonight is the night to finish it and yet it just keeps on at me!!! So I am posting a Brilliant Book Bonanza for you next week wether it is finished or not. Trust me on this if it isn’t finished I am hitting publish and throwing it to the wolves… Meanwhile we have a had a mad week of crafting – everyone is getting their last project in before they are back in school next week. Our house is filled with scraps of fabric, paper mache, glue everywhere, little pots of paints everywhere else a veritable craft frenzy, if I say so myself!!!


Anyway here is a craft that is done and good to go… Since we are starting school next week everyone wanted to make bookmarks for the impending mountains of reading we will be doing. So a couple of kites and flowers in Se7n Steps:


  1. We started with a pile of scraps – the very best place to start.
  2. DSC_0472

  3. We cut them into four equal squares.
  4. DSC_0474

  5. We stuck the squares onto some craft paper – never mind the color, really it doesn’t matter if it is pink or not (!!!), you won’t see the paper afterwards. And never mind the amount of glue – it will eventually dry!!!
  6. DSC_0476




  7. And waited for them to dry.
  8. DSC_0588

  9. More cutting, this time into kite shapes, and the girls decided to make flowers.
  10. DSC_0590

  11. The flowers had buttons popped onto them.
  12. DSC_0599

  13. Then we laid out a piece of string and used triangle snippings folded over with a dab of glue to make the kite tails or flower stems.
  14. DSC_0596DSC_0602

    And the se7en + 1th step:

  15. Put a blob of craft glue on the backs and left the string in it to dry…
  16. DSC_0609

That’s it, quick and easy kites!!!


Or Flowers…

A Field of Fun…

Hope you have a great weekend!!!

15 Replies to “Let’s Go and Fly A Kite… in Se7en Steps…”

  1. A big WOW for creativity. These are gorgeous. I know our children would love them – but do I have the energy is the question! Thanks for that! Love, Karyn

  2. What fun! I love this idea, because all the kids here can do this project and let their own creativity..fly! LOL! I think that even the 21 month old can do something — yippee!

  3. Hi Karyn, theses were so easy and looked so fab when they were finished… they really worked out great and were well worth the effort!!! Hope you are having a fun weekend!!!

  4. Hi Sally, go for it, it was a fun project, lots of glue, lots of scraps and a great result… what more could you ask for!!! Hope you have a fun fun weekend!!!

  5. Hay Stephanie – Love that you popped by!!! Loved that you like our latest craft… Happy Spring to you guys!!!

  6. Wooo KM, Always so good to get a visit from you!!! Glad you liked our crafty fun this week!!! Hope you are having the best weekend!!!

  7. Some of those fabric scraps look vaguely familiar – you di dnot get them from teh friendly seamstress 😉 ?

    nice project

  8. Hay friendly seamstress… Heaps of scraps are from you we are forever grateful!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  9. Hi Sara, So glad you liked our craft this week, I am so happy to be sharing on your link-up!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  10. Hi there Joan, so glad that you enjoyed them – hope have had a lot of fun creating!!! Thanks so much for stopping by…

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