4 Replies to “Se7en Visits Juggling MotherHood…”

  1. Thank you for your useful post! I love getting advice from fellow mothers, because they are tried and true!!

  2. Hay Meeks!!! Thanks so much for having us over to visit your blog!!! I love your “timely tips series”!!! Hope you have a fun day!!!

  3. I enjoyed your post (as always!). I love that you just put your laundry in the machine right away, no hampers. I am wondering if you do towels and bedsheets and all that with the clothes or separately, and do you wash only in cold water?

  4. Hi FloridaMom2Seven… wash in cold water, and towels are all washed in one giant load, as are sheets every week. I have a laundry post up here, the only thing that has changed since I posted it is that electricity has doubled, no trebled, in price so I only wash when the washer is absolutely full – every other day or so… it does make for rather an age spent on laundry on a particular day but it is worth having power at the end of the month!!! Thanks for stopping by again!!!

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