The Week That Was – 3.40

Oh would you look at our tree – green, green, green…


And I am so hoping that this summer will never end!!!

And may the swimming go on and on…

There was dismantling…

And fabulous food…

And pizza feasts…

And joy…

A week of cards…

And exploring…

And snakes in the backyard… I was too scared of the huge parent snake to take a photo of it, but I was brave enough to gather my guts and pop this “baby” in a bucket with a lid on it and toss it into the neighbors garden – shudder – I never signed up for this… ever…

And this one at a friends house – okay I will stop with the snakes already!!!

And back to the mundane… this is why I don’t want to have an open loft above my kitchen… because I live with an apple thief!!!

And a road trip…

And I always want to know where those little side roads go…

Awesome mountains…

And my son tells me that God crushed some rocks here, just like we grind pepper on a pizza… that would be an analogy from a young chef!!!

And yes it is gloriously beautiful…

And the perfect day…

And church camp… at the crack of dawn…

And kitchen duty… chopping mushrooms for Africa!!!

And friends we haven’t seen forever…

My favorite artwork of the week has to be this one: It tells you all about what we got up to this weekend… And I’ll tell you in the next post!!!

And books… always books:

We got to pick and choose stories from this great collection at bed time this weekend!!! I always forget what wonderful big words she uses in her stories and how fun they are to read…

The World of Peter Rabbit (The Original Peter Rabbit, Books 1-23, Presentation Box) by Beatrix Potter

And this is what the Hoods got up to:

Hood #1: Decided he would try out for the “New Houdini” … he wasn’t, and he lost the keys… and it took hours to find them!!!


Eventually we discovered the keys and rescued him… life’s like that with a house full of boys- trust me on that!!!
Hood #2: What can I say: Great friends are a good find!!!

Hood #3: Who doesn’t love a brilliant birthday!!!

Hood #4: Couldn’t stop talking about camp!!!

Hood #5: The chef was in his office…

Hood #6: And watching the world go by…

Hood #7: Had a whole big story…

And has found a whole new level of elegance…

Hood #8: Is serious about tomato salads … they should contain tomato and tomato and tomato and… well it is a tomato salad!!!

That’s us… Hope you have a brilliant week!!!

8 Replies to “The Week That Was – 3.40”

  1. you did camp again…. wowow that was brave.
    I found hood #1’s “escape” quite hilarious.

  2. So much fun! Well, except for the snakes (my kids would love the snakes though).

  3. I have to share this conversation with you that I had with my just turned 5 year old who loves Beatrix Potter.
    She asked “Why doesn’t Mr. McGregor like the bunnies in his his garden?”
    I said “because they eat all his vegetables”
    To which she replied “So why doesn’t he just grow fruit!”!!!

  4. Hay Irene… yup we did camp… in style!!! Stayed at friends with fresh white linen and huge king size beds and wonderful feasts and sent the guys all to listen to the talks!!! I popped in once or twice and that is my new improved “camp comfort” level!!!

  5. Oh FloridaMom2se7en… Luckily I only have one who loves snakes, I have found her trying to jam a snake twice the size of her bug box into her bug box… shudder!!! The others all have a very healthy respect and I have a THE most healthy respect and am quite happy to come inside and lock the door!!! Nice to hear from you again!!! Have a great week!!!

  6. Just love the “God grinding the rocks” description! Perfect analogy! I can visualise it…have a great week!

  7. Hay Aunty Muffin!!! Can’t you just see the giant grinder spewing out rocks like peppercorns!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

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