Se7en + 1 Make a Box Village…

So we have been reading… You have to remember this book… and how often I hear my kids say: “Come over to my house, come over and play…” to all and sundry. We do have a house a bit like a train station… with heaps of guests passing through. So this book, as well as Lilla A’s latest Shoebox City Exhibition were the inspiration for this project…


We got stuck in – literally. We grabbed some boxes…


Step 1: The first thing we had to do was to make a “clean” surface to work on. So we used some ripped magazine pages and wallpaper glue and smothered our boxes completely. Some were organized, some were not!!!


The task got done and we left the boxes to dry overnight.


Step 2: Next we tackled our houses and homes with paints…



And our village could have been finished…


Step 3: But we decided to add some embellishments…


Buttons and feathers and pompoms and fabric and things!!!


Lots of glue, and sticking and messing…


And our village is complete…


Here’s the gallery…



This is such a great classic book and could inspire so many projects, a village is really just the tip of the crafty ice-berg waiting inside the covers of this book!!! Not to mention many household forts that continuously spring up around our house.

"COME OVER TO MY HOUSE by Theo. LeSieg, illustrated by Richard Erdoes (1966 Hardcover 63 pages, A RANDOM HOUSE Cat in the Hat I CAN READ IT ALL BY MYSELF Beginner Book)" (Theo. LeSieg; Illustrator-Richard Erdoes)

That’s us!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. I love your VILLAGE!!! The colors and the creativity are MAGNIFICENT! Have you ever heard of gesso paint? It is a special paint you use on milk carton type boxes. I’ve never tried it, but found out about it from on of my (many) kid art books! I’ve been meaning to buy some!

  2. Hay KM, I haven’t ever heard of Gesso Paints… We use acrylics, but it is still hard to get a good coverage without painting a layer or three onto something like a cereal box… I suppose I could paint them with a white base paint in the dead of night so that everyone has a blank canvas to go with… But usually I just smother whatever it is with paper and then we are good to go!!! I will look out for Gesso paints though, you have peaked my curiosity!!! Love your Earth Day photographs!!! And so glad you liked our village… so fun to do a craft that spreads out over days!!! AND Have a fun Sunday!!!!

  3. Hay Sara, So glad you would like to live in our village – so glad!!! ANd so happy to be part of your fabulous carnival!!! I loved reading about your Passover celebrations. Hope you have a great week!!!

  4. What a fabulous looking village, I’d live there! Especially if you were our neighbors. BTW, I finally sent a box off to you yesterday (long overdue, let’s not talk about it!) Just a heads up, the top flap of the box flips up, it has a velcro enclosure. Thought it would be fun for y’all to have a sneak peek at the contents before opening up.

    And gesso is fabulous for laying a base layer on projects, and in art journals. It makes everything layer on so smoothly.

  5. Oh Julie K, You didn’t!!! Wowzers!!! And we would love to live next door to a whole lot of our best blog friends in that village!!! And I am now on the hunt for gesso… sounds totally cool!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  6. Hi Leslie… This is part of a collection of beginner readers from when I was a kid and they are by far the most loved books in our home…. By a million miles!!! Glad you liked our village!!! Have a fabulous week!!!

  7. Hay Irene, Love your house – it looks a lot more peaceful than ours!!! So glad you visited… Have a great week!!!

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