Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #67

  1. Go on and visit our interview on The Magnifying Glass from this week… such a great job, we love it!!!
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  3. Would you look, would you look… I am so excited to see that Alisa Burke is hosting a new Watercolor Class called Watercolor Bliss. I did her SketchbookDelight Course last summer and loved every second of it… I never quite finished and keep going back for the last bits and pieces… brilliant you can just carry on from where you left off. It is so inspiring and got me sketchbooking away – love it!!!

  5. This week I loved Caroline’s Vintage bedroom on Ohdeedoh… Loved it!!!
  6. Just relax for three minutes and watch this… a couple of hugs in Sandrio, Italy… I love how folks warmed up to it!!!
  7. Look at this bright funky fun from Krokatak, gotta love it, I know I want to make some of these!!!
  8. Meet Me At Mikes has a new book to read for book club… Go on read a classic… just because you can!!!
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  10. Water Get Crafty – Fish& Summer Crafts to Inspire You!!! Seriously there are so many many many projects to look at here – it is just brilliant!!!

  11. And the Se7en + 1th Thing…
    Org Junkies 52 Weeks.jpg

  12. This week on The Organizing Junkies 52 Weeks #17: Seasonal Clothes Switch Out. This week I pottered on decluttering a patch of something everyday… finally getting all the workbooks and school papers sorted – I knew I could start the year without them being perfect… but I really didn’t want to spend the whole year scrabbling after stuff!!!

    I also tried to do a declutter/maintenance project with the kids each day. Set them a task and see what they got up to.


      • Car Maintenance: Replaced the windscreen wipers… our wipers have been flapping around for ages, dare I say years rather than months…, I have had the replacements on the dash board for so long that I simply forgot them… Every time we wash the windscreen I think: “Must change the wipers…” and just never do it. Set a kid the task and it will be done in a jiffy. (Note to mother person: please write a post on car maintenance… please, please, please.)
      • DSC_0910

      • Heaps of yardwork: It is Autumn after all and all the summer debris needs to be cleared away… Also we have more than a couple of projects that we want to get going in the garden – finally it is cool enough and everyone is chomping to get to the good stuff.
      • DSC_0945

      • Getting all the beach goodies cleaned and sorted: I know it is the end of Summer, why on earth would we do that… One of Cape Town’s best kept secrets is that now is the season to head for the beach. It is not to hot, it is not windy, the crowds have gone, endless sunny days… perfect.
      • DSC_0944

      • Getting the Bikes in Order: We only have a few die-hard swimmers left headed for the pool each day, my kids will turn to riding their bikes up and down the driveway every afternoon. They are quite passionate about it, the noise associated is simply unbelievable and the grumpy neighbors up the road will have plenty to say, but I won’t be able to hear the complaints above the din!!!
      • DSC_0948

      • Operation Box sort: I know it is important to keep boxes for appliances you have – but we (and I am speaking royally here and I don’t mean me) have a bit of an ongoing box situation… So I set the kids the task of finding boxes that were not appliance boxes… boxes that were just boxes and then the great squashing began… we have many more to go!!!
      • DSC_0947

      • And finally my ultimate nemesis:The garage… this is a corner of it right now, I cannot bring myself to show you the whole terrible thing. The time has come to sort the garage before the rains come down seriously and stuff that has been dumped there gets soaked, as the water from the mountain we live on drains under our house and through our garage!!! Things to look out for when you buy a house… I remember thinking that they had such interesting concrete patterns on the garage floor, well those are actually water channels and we have to get everything well away because the “river runs through” quite literally!!!

      So that was the organizing this week. I have this idea that we should just call a dump truck and empty the garage into it and have the junk hauled away. This literally turns my family, not to mention the father person, pail in horror. So instead, I am setting my kids small doable tasks in the garage and hopefully we will in a slow and steady fashion get to a stage where they can actually use for the tasks they want to do. They are very motivated: one has visions of an electronic workshop, another dreams of an art studio, another thinks it would make a great clubhouse… right now it is a “box and other junk” depository. This is really my big can’t face it project of the year/decade/century and I imagine that in week 52 we will still be working on the garage. Perhaps this is the book I can’t think of to write: How to declutter a garage in se7en million steps… Bestseller material – I know!!!

4 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #67”

  1. :)) I laughed and laughed through this one! approach it with humour and you’re halfway there. Getting your kids involved and you’re almost home! I hope they uncover many hidden treasures and no snakes! well done on getting your school papers sorted. I would love that post on car maintenance! love, Karyn

  2. Oh Karyn, So glad to give you a laugh!!! Seriously there comes a time when you have to realize you are no longer “in charge” and just let it go… and who on earth knows what is buried in that garage… but we are going to get it done – no matter what!!! I am aiming to do a car maintenance for kids post… I now not a huge market for it I know… but my kids loved learning about car maintenance for school… one of our best projects ever!!! Have a great week!!!

  3. Ah, the garage, the mere word could start a panic attack! Last yr I had to sort through my aged parents garage: in a few days before the new owners moved in! How do you pack away a lifetime of gardening, building and handyman projects, materials and tools ? Add to the mix a 13 yr old hoarder and handyman of note who was waiting in the wings to take over all grandpa’s treasures! And treaures they were, but we have limited space. Phew! Don’t want to relive that! Happy sorting!

  4. Hay Margie, Seriously rather you than me… I absolutely dread having to sort through the house my folks have lived in for about fifty years!!! Thank-you, I am now so encouraged and overjoyed to be tackling our ten years worth of clutter… In comparison it really isn’t that bad after all!!! Have a good week!!!

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