Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun # 68

  1. Lilla A has a new Rainbow City Exhibition, oh I just love it!!!
  2. And would you look at Katherine Marie’s Flowers… Love them, Love them, Love them…
  3. I saw this wiggly toy on Bloesom and it is so inspired!!! Pop over to Giddy Giddy to see how to make it!!!
  4. And I would like an art table just like this one on Kidsstylefile… Love it!!!
  5. Oh would you look at Mollie Makes and we may well have to make a Princess and a Pea after seeing this… very inspried!!!
  6. Would you look at these wonderfully interesting air-plants from Playful Learning, I have to learn more about them, simply amazing!!!
  7. Love this poem and this post from Steady Mom: What Matters Most?
  8. And the Se7en + 1th Thing…

    Org Junkies 52 Weeks.jpg

  9. This week on The Organizing Junkies 52 Weeks #18: Functional vs Fabulous.
    This week I started my two big projects… the garage and my photographs… I started in small ways, teeny tiny steps… Here goes se7en things that got organized this week…

    1. On the rainy day, I whizzed through the kids clothes and sorted and discarded a couple of things – they grow all the time!!! And they are going to need a couple of things for winter… it really has gotten a bit colder, so I am armed with a list.
    2. Scoured the house for anymore donatables… I know they are there, I am just overlooking them!!!
    3. We keep a “To donate” bag behind the front door and when it is full we pop it in the garage… Well this week we got all the donation bags out of the garage and had them delivered where they needed to be… I took a photograph but seriously, you don’t want to see a mountain of donatables … It was a far bigger project than I thought it would be, where on earth did we fit all that stuff in our house!!!
    4. And all the ancient computer bits and pieces are gathered in a corner of the garage to be taken to the dump on Monday… I know, I am actually starting on the garage!!!
    5. Cleaned out under the kitchen sink… a very short person that lives with us has been adventuring down there just lately and tossing dishcloths, pegs, sponges every which way… well it is back in order for the time being.
    6. Now it really is the little things that count, went through my diary and figured out all those little scratched notes to myself!!! Now I have a list to work through and it is going great!!! Who would have thought!!!
    7. I finally began the great photograph delete project… I would love to delete sweeps of a thousand a day, but it is more like a hundred a day… My iphoto is staggering under the burden of 70000 photographs!!! I know it is shameful!!! I wish there was a way to see the keywords on my photographs because it would be so much easier to delete the photographs that didn’t have keywords… But iphoto has been upgraded and you can no longer see the keywords on your photographs unless you click on each photograph… one by one by one… it is clearly a long haul project.
    8. And the se7en + 1th thing… Of course, how could I forget the Car maintenance… that got it’s own dedicated post. Follow the link to Car Maintenance Tips, if you didn’t read them already.

    So I guess I will be sorting through our garage step by step by step and deleting photographs one at a time for the next couple of weeks or worse months!!! I think I will have to show you some memorable photographs from the past over the next few weeks!!! Meantime I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!!!

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