Se7en Things I Learnt From My Mum…

Since it is Mothers Day I thought I would tell you se7en things I have learnt from my Mum. Firstly meet my mum: she pops in and out of photographs on our blog from time to time, but here she is surrounded by some short people that love and adore her…


So here you go, in no particular order, Se7en things I learnt from my mum and se7en things I am probably teaching my daughters… some things you don’t teach purposefully but you pass on anyway… some may call it genetics, I call it time together…

  1. The ability to talk with friends: Just about forever, and then get home and say, all surprised like: “Those folk sure can talk a lot!!!” I know it, I know it… I am pretty sure that many of my friends are grateful that I have a blog so that they can give their ears a bit of a rest while I work.
  2. If a job is worth doing then do it now: She never can leave a task undone, if it is four in the morning and the floor needs a vacuum… then she would vacuum them, why wait till the morning!!! I am the same… I never leave a job undone, I just can’t do it. I can’t leave the dishes till tomorrow, I have to go away for a week to generate a laundry pile… no I can’t leave a task undone!!!
  3. One project at a time is never enough: My mum loved learning new things and she never just liked something in passing… She tried new things projects wholeheartedly… I think the word committed comes to mind!!!
  4. A Passion for Books: Beautiful fabulous design books, wonderful “read-again-and-again” classic books, any books really, even books about books. It isn’t enough to read books, you have to hold them and feel the paper, smell the print and hear the pages crackle.
  5. A Love for Research: My Mum won’t settle until she knows the answer to a question, really she will persist and pursue and look for answers in the most creative places…
  6. A Lover of Games: She visits us over and over again just to play games, especially word games, how brilliant is that!!! Someone that forces me to stop doing jobs and play with my kids. I love playing games but so often get caught up in the humdrum!!!
  7. Bargain Hunting: She is highly skilled at seeking out and conquering “the shops,” she can sniff out a bargain a mile away, not just finding it but she does something about it too!!!
  8. And the Se7en + 1th Thing:

  9. The Ability to Survive on Almost No Sleep: ‘Tis true I confess… I get it from my mother, she never ever slept. Well, occasionally in a sunny spot on the couch. But that isn’t real sleep, because she still knew exactly what we were up to!!! My kids are just as surprised as I used to be, when I speak from the depths of apparent slumber!!!

That’s my Mum. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums around the world who visit our blog faithfully everyday… Thank-you for coming back again and again, because our blog wouldn’t be anything without all of you!!!

11 Replies to “Se7en Things I Learnt From My Mum…”

  1. Thanks Karen M, I spent mother’s day with my kids and doing a serious muck out with the kids!!! Not what one would plan but we got so much done I feel quite invincible!!! Hope you had a great day too.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day to you mommy of seven + 1!
    Thank you for bringing sunshine to my day. I love seeing your family photos and have gleaned so many creative ideas from your blog. Keep us all smiling ūüėČ

  3. Thanks Kim, Hope you had the most fabulous Mother’s Day and that your week just gets better and better!!!

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