Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #69

  1. I found this via via via a whole lot of links and I just want to say if I ever write a cookbook then this is what I would want it to look like… food heaven in watercolors… Which is why I haven’t written a cookbook because the artist within me is so well hidden it just can’t get out. Totally love everything here!!!
  2. This is because I love the Crafty Crow and I so wish it was Spring and the whole world is gardening except us and my fave is definitely the watering jug, totally the coolest thing!!!
  3. Humour me – a little more gardening love, on one best outdoor spots: Imagine Childhood Garden Markers: city planning!!! Totally love it.
  4. LMNOP had such a great series of mum interviews and then even better they put them all in one place – lovely!!!
  5. Oh about ten million paper doll cut-outs for my paper doll lover… ten years of Betsy MacCall… paper doll heaven!!!
  6. Would you look at this Bug-Spiration from Emma Bradshaw… I think some giant bug shadow puppets may well be on order!!!
  7. So I saw these cupcakes… and here’s how to make them… on Bakerella!!! I think these have been on my Friday Fun Link Up before… yes Katherine Marie…it is time for a Pinterest page ALREADY!!!
  8. I need some extra links this week…

  9. You have to look at Playing by the Books: “I Can Read Celebration” totally fab!!! All sorts of “how to read” and “What to read” posts… heaps of excellent stuff!!!
  10. And a call to all South African Chef’s, Cooks, Foodies, our resident chef is unfortunately too young for this… but LG is looking for a a foodie of note. This is the sort of email mom bloggers in our part of the world get, a competition open to absolutely anyone who is passionate about food…:
    The entries for this year’s national LG Life Tastes Good Championship 2011 are open to all aspiring food lovers. So get together with a mate, submit a team recipe to and stand the chance of winning the 2011 LG Life Tastes Good National Championship title. Also up for grabs is a LG SolarDOM oven each, the grand prize of R30 000 to share, and winning team the opportunity to represent South Africa at the regional finals in Dubai. Entries close on 12 June, so get ready for the cook-off that may just make you famous!

    And the Tenth Thing…
    Org Junkies 52 Weeks.jpg

  11. This week on The Organizing Junkies 52 Weeks #19: No Mom Jeans or Expired Medications.

    There should be awards for still being at this after nineteen weeks… and all I can say regarding this weeks decluttering: I have never owned, neither will I ever own jeans with cows on them… and after nineteen weeks of decluttering their is no medication in the house let alone medication past its expiry date. Because we are back in school I really haven’t found the time to do massive tasks… but fifteen minutes a day is working. Went through the warranty drawer and tossed all those ancient out of date warranties. And can I just say I am sick of little bits of paint stuck all around the house so, I gathered all the paints around the house into one spot – who would have thought… fabric paint, acrylic paint, powder paints, oil paints, ceramic paints, paints, paints, paints… little bits and half jars, squashed tubes, cracked tubs. Sorted.

    And last week I said I would be heading into the realm of my two big projects…

    Project #1: I challenge myself to delete five hundred photographs a day… three thousand down, sixty se7en thousand to go… I know, don’t say anything. I did promise some ancient photographs. In the olden days when we had only three children… we got ourselves our first digital camera. Here they are:




    Project #2: The Garage… Oh boy!!! I can see this is one of those “fits and starts” projects. Inspiration definitely needs to hit, actually I just need to go down there, but I hate it so much… well I thought Mother’s Day would be a good day to head downstairs and see which bikes needed what improvements to get the kids up and cycling all afternoon-long through the winter…


    It wasn’t that bad… Two hours later and a heap of boxes flattened for recycling… a heap of old empty paint cans, ummm why weren’t these tossed when we finished painting? A pile of ancient computers off to the dump. What am I left with: Some pieces of furniture we no longer need – waiting for a friend to collect. A whole row of empty shelves that we can take down – just don’t need them and three shelves worth of boxes to sort and reorganize… basically putting things away… I reckon another afternoon and I will be done… Not nearly as bad as I anticipated!!! However, I think we do need to build a bicycle rack for our collection of hand me down bikes!!!

    That’s us… Off to start the week… Hope you have a great one.

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  1. I’ve been organizing my photos too. Current ones are done… ish. I’m hesitant to open up the removable hard drive and get to the older ones. shudders! I’ve recently started on pinterest. Fun times. Smiles.

  2. oh my word, they were (are) adorable! all baby cuteness 🙂

    I think your photo project sounds great. Now tell me once you get stuck in whether you change the way you start taking pics (I did)

  3. Hi JulieK… I have to start a pinterest page it looks so fun!!! AND I can’t believe how many dreadful photographs I have kept!!! Always rushing to get the next blog post out. Hope you have a good week!!!

  4. Hi Marcia… I already realized a couple of months back that my photo volume was getting a bit overwhelming for poor iphoto!!! So I don’t take a bunch of photos hoping for a good shot, I try really hard to get the shots I want. And I definitely plan the sorts of shots I would like from an outing or whatever… so I get home with the ones I want as opposed to three hundred at a time!!! It is a bit of a mission of a project and not one that I relish at all!!! The nice part is to see those little baby faces – proof to new moms that they do grow up alarmingly fast!!! Have a great week!!!

  5. Oh my. That is the reality. All those bikes lined up! I’m going to follow the mom jeans link. If only to see jeans with cows on them. Good luck with the target of 500 photos a day.

  6. Hay Cheryl… Yup eight kids is a lot of bikes… missing chains, and punctures to mend and well maintenance!!! I am whizzing through 500 photos I day, in fact I have to tell myself to stop. It’s one of those things, once you start you want to just keep at it. So I am saying 500 a day and STOP… but I don’t feel like I am denting the overburdening damage of so many many many photographs!!! Hope you have a good week!!!

  7. Heheehehe…. When you do it, you are going to thank me!!! :). THANK YOU for sharing all your wonderful links and pics! I am looking forward to checking paper dolls! Something so special about mixing two of my favorite things … Paper & Dolls! Have a wonderful day!

  8. Oh KM I know I am going to thank-you!!! I told myself I would put it off till my photos are sorted… but I can’t wait!!! Hope you all have a fabulous week!!!

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