The Week That Was – 3.45

This post really should be called the week that totally wasn’t…


And while it didn’t rain, most of our week was sort of grim!!!


In fact mostly misty comes to mind:


Just when I thought I was too busy for anything more the kids were slayed by a tummy bug… one after the other, like dominoes. And every time I thought everyone was better down went the next one. So it was a week of laundry. And even a couple of movies when some folk were up to it.


What can I say I am in love with the Pink Panther… again and again…


Otherwise we had our typical house guests… Luckily our usual stream of visitors abated… and every single dinner guest had to cancel, miraculous!!!

There was devastation when I said they couldn’t go to church, even though they are on the mend I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy… and as a result I am not winning any “popular mother” awards right now. But it wasn’t doom and gloom for everyone!!!


So no outings, no arting, no crafting, no projects, no games… just well school, why miss it!!!


And the usual reading of books…


Should I say the animated reading of books…


There were flowers – I earned them!!!


Otherwise our recalcitrant tooth mouse is being called into check… what is with this mouse… there is a veritable pile of carefully and lovingly packaged teeth awaiting attention at the mouses entrance and absolutely no response. Would somebody PLEASE attend to this. PLEASE!!!!

There was only one artwork on offer and a good one at that!!!


We had a week of Brer Rabbit, because you always read Brer Rabbit when people are ill… My mother read it to me when I was sick and I just do the same…And so our book of the week must be:

And this is what the Hoods got up to…

Hood #1: My man of words has taken to science… totally!!!


Hood #2: Loved the fact that life relaxed somewhat and screen time was not an issue!!!


Hood #3: Is thinking of starting a blog called: “” Just useful little tips and factiods… like: “There really is no cure for hiccups and every single time these guys give me a fright, that is ALL they are doing, the hiccups just won’t stop.” I am sure she will be bringing you lots more tips in the future!!!


Hood #4: When he can take a break from his traveling to distant lands…


He has submerged himself under there… complete with flashlight and a pile of survival books.


Hood #5: Decided to vanish down the far side of the rock… Life stopped to rescue him!!! Of course he was perfectly fine and quite thrilled with his trick!!!


Hood #6:Some of us bounced back really quickly…


And there was a throng of very energetic bouncers…


Hood #7: Read and read … there were just no projects to join up with!!! Don’t worry this week is already better and projects are abounding!!!


Hood #8: And I have to say for some of us the week was just too much and we are all glad it is over and ready to start a fresh one…


That’s us!!! Hope your week is a totally fabulous one!!!

17 Replies to “The Week That Was – 3.45”

  1. I am so sorry you all were sick!!!! And what FUN to have another blogger in the house! Sounds like a great concept for a blog… I think kids and adults will enjoy!

  2. 1/2 a world away and we shared the same week! My poor little “O” fell ill on Monday and continued through Saturday (w/ several trips to the Dr to make sure she wasn’t dehydrated). Unfortunately, as soon as “O” was better my poor “A” started up with it. We’re only two days into it with her… I’m hoping it doesn’t last as long as her sister’s did.
    I’m glad you’re on the upswing of it all! Have a great week.

  3. Oh dear! There is really nothing worse than stomach bugs! I’m glad to hear everyone is on the mend and pray you all stay well. Love from Texas!

  4. Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather. Drink more hot water! (The Chinese cure for everything)

    What guidelines do you have for screen time?

  5. that last picture is just too precious…. Hope you all feel better and better as the week progresses. Thanks for the birthday wishes – I did have a fantastic one. See you all soon

  6. Hay Katherine Marie… All my kids are chomping at the bit to own a blog… I have visions of being the grand editor in the sky. What am I thinking this is my chance to be a media manager!!! Sigh – I see the vision becoming a reality!!!

  7. Hay Karen M… My sympathies… I have a feeling tummy bugs are the worst illness on earth… eugh!!! But we seem to be through it, for real this time!!! I wish you guys heaps of health… lots of love…

  8. Hay Kimberly, Thanks so much for stopping by!!! We are definitely on the mend… now we just need the spring back in our step!!! Hope you have a great great week!!!

  9. Glad to hear you’re all on the mend! The laundry is horrible when it’s because of sickness – never ending…. Hope some sunshine, real and metaphorical comes your way this week.

  10. Hay Irene…Can you believe we missed church!!! Glad you had a fabulous birthday… See you on Sunday!!!

  11. Thanks Zoe for thinking of us!!! The sun is out, the linen is fresh… and we are lazing like lizards in the sun!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  12. Trying this again…last one didn’t post. 🙁

    I’m stopping by from OLM. And glad I did! I’m seeking new blogs to read, about little kids who are living and learning and happy.

    I think I found some…er, a bunch!!

  13. oh my – sorry you were not feeling well.
    tummy bugs are the worst – when my kids are sick, i’m always glad I have only 4 ;).
    wishing you all a healthy new week!

  14. Hi Jessica, So good to meet you!!! Oh I just love and adore OLM and so glad you enjoyed your visit over here… Hope you have a great week!!!

  15. Thanks for the well wishes Daniela, It appears that we are indeed on the mend… though it was a rough ride!!! Hope you guys have an excellent week!!!

  16. I hope you are all feeling better. Ah well, what doesn’t kill you is meant to make you stronger. Hope your week improves.

  17. Oh Cheryl – You are so right … after surviving last week I should be truly invincible!!! Luckily the weekend is in site!!!

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