Se7en Sidewalk Chalk Activities…

So we made some giant rainbow sidewalk chalk for Homespun Threads Summer Soireei… You have to click on the button to find out how!!!


They turned out great and we had such fun making them that we made a whole batch of chalks…

And now what to do with them… I thought I would share se7en + 1 activities to do with sidewalk chalks:


  1. Chalk Paints: The chalks need to stand overnight in order to set firm, but if you play with them immediately they make the most brilliant finger paints. And I won’t say face paints… because technically they aren’t… but there is always one!!!
  2. DSC_0054


  3. Tube Paints: If you have old tubes… toothpaste tubes, ketchup or mustard tubes and you pop your chalk mixture into them. Just cut off the wrong end and pop the mixture in and then use them like a piping bag. They make fabulous squeeze paints…
  4. DSC_0059


  5. Shadow pictures: Really you can’t have a heap of sidewalk chalks and not do shadow people!!!
  6. DSC_0080

  7. An Exercise Course: My kids love to come across a little surprise in their path… things like 10 star-jumps or 20 sit-ups really gives them a thrill.
  8. DSC_0091DSC_0166


    And in the same vein they cannot resist stepping stones, so just draw a row of circles getting further and further apart and leave them to it!!!

  9. Track Tag: We got the largest guy to help us out and with a chalk in each hand he quickly drew some tracks… here there and everywhere. And then tag, but only on the tracks…
  10. DSC_0156


  11. Chalk Dust Pictionary: Write a couple of words down on paper, or you can just whisper them… And then give each player a chance to draw and the rest of the players try and guess the EXACT word… The words can be as easy or as difficult as you like. Turms out, while it is easy to draw a house, it is quite hard to draw a home!!!
  12. DSC_0093


  13. The Monster Stomp: Let everyine draw their own chalkdust monster feet and have a stomp party… my kids love this and make all sorts of weird and wonderful feet.
  14. DSC_0192

  15. Endless Variations of Hopscotch: Turns out the snail was really popular!!!
  16. DSC_0204





  17. Any number in a row: This is always a hit, make a grid, stand a little back and try to toss four in a row… we could only manage three in a row!!!
  18. DSC_0123


And of course, I think I may well have lost count here!!! If you do nothing else with them, then draw away to your hearts content. Because there is never enough of that is there!!!


Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

10 Replies to “Se7en Sidewalk Chalk Activities…”

  1. So glad you like them Debbie, We had such fun … it is after dark and they are still chalking!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

  2. Hay My friend from Lifenut… You stopped by!!! We have been chalk dusting all week… even after dark!!! Hope you all have a fun fun summer!!! Lots of love…

  3. Hi Sherrin, My kids have been chalking 24-7… I think they are even dreaming in chalk dust!!! Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

  4. I love these ideas. We are pretty obsessed with sidewalk chalk lately. I’m actually planning on making our own since we go through it so fast.

  5. Hi Kiasa, Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!!! My hubs and I have been thinking how nice a visit to anywhere, anywhere like New York, would be!!! And so a quick trip through your blog was just lovely!!! Hope you have a fab week and the summer gets better and better!!!

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