Saturday Spot: Our House Tour…

I am having a madly busy week and just couldn’t think how I would get any blogging in and then I was totally blown away by a friend popping round for a visit…


And we love guests, the gate was swung open with gusto… and they were led up the stairs…

Led is a euphemism for dragged with enthusiasm!!!

And if you are looking for a grand tour… then welcome in…

Just click on the picture and go… go… go… please go and say hi to my Blog friend, who has the most adorable children in Cape Town… Who did the most amazing house tour… of our house!!!

Travelling Tuesday_ A Jump, Skip & a {Blog} Hop

I love it… me I would still be tidying the house for the photographs and clearing all the surfaces… oh dear!!! Our house is just right the way it is, kind of lived in. Packed with kids and not nearly as hectic as folk imagine it to be. I love what she has to say…

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  1. Thanks Zoe, It is really hard to find a patch of white around here!!! Actually I did find a white wall in the garage last week, behind a pile of boxes that have been sitting in front of it since we moved in!!! Thanks for taking a look and have a great day!!!

  2. How great to see your home through someone else’s eyes! Great pictures.

  3. hi there se7en +1 (yes, I need to remember that one)
    I can only agree with the post !!!

  4. Are you looking at your house in a different way now? They sound lovely visitors. I love your wall colours. I started painting our house with strong colours, but it just didn’t work. It looks wonderful in your home.

  5. Hay Aunty Muffin!!! Really interesting to see your own home from another perspective… Wasn’t that a fabulous post, such a gift!!!

  6. Hay Irene… Love your comment on her post – you are too kind!!! Hope you had a fabulous day off… Oh the joy of endless bank holidays!!!

  7. Hi Cheryl, Oh these were such fun visitors, my kids loved them to bits!!! And yes it is so interesting to see your house through someone else’s eyes!!! I think some houses can take bright funky paint better than others. When we moved in ALL the walls were various shades of off white, it was really hideous… and grotty brown carpeting on top of orange on top of grey on top of… I hope you have a fun week!!!

  8. What a terrific post! Although I’ve been a visitor to your blog for a while and have seen a lot of super photos, these shots are amazing and really do seem to be taken from a different perspective! I LOVE your home! And you do deserve an award for your organization skills!

  9. Oh Karen, I am so glad you enjoyed the tour, wasn’t it a lovely thing to do for us!!! I am so glad you enjoyed the visit and our blog!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  10. Oh, I love this inside look into your home! And what I especially love is the picture of YOU at the end – we never see pictures of you on this site, how fun to get “the tour” 🙂 blessings!

  11. Wow, what a lovely post on Caroline’s blog, and you do indeed have a stunning home.
    It looks welcoming and like it’s an inspiring place to be!

  12. Hi Leslie… I am so glad you enjoyed the tour!!! I confess I find it hard to appear on our blog… I am not great at being photographed!!! And even worse I have to confess that the last picture is not of me bit of my friend Caroline, who owns the blog with our house tour!!! I am working on it… every now and then there is a new about page and then I try an put a family photo up!!! Keep reading eventually a photo of me will appear!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  13. Hi Tanja, thanks so much for stopping by… what a great post by Caroline!!! Really I was overwhelmed with the gift of a house tour post!!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!

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