Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #70

  1. Found these via the Crafty Crow and I loved all the funky color of these paper bead stars from wabisabiwanderings.
  2. Oh would you look at 50 More Summer Crafts for Kids at handMAYde for kids on the longthread… look, look, look.
  3. Oh these Fox Dolls are darling, darling… from Handmade Charlotte… I think I may have to have one!!! In fact follow the link for a whole heap more…
  4. Would you look at the most amazing “Hazel the Humpback” on BEC BRITTAIN is making and if you aren’t busy homeschooling se7en + 1 kids then I see no reason why you don’t download the free pattern and get to work… awesome.
  5. If you want to see cuteness then just take a look at these gnomes, on Kleas… love them!!!
  6. I think we would go bonkers for Daisy Yellow’s Jelly Rolls… They just scream…doodle and draw with me!!! Seriously I would hide these away and doodle all day!!!
  7. If you didn’t see our Fabulous House Tour on From Africa With Love, or our rainbow chalks over at the Summer Soiree the head on over!!!
  8. And the se7en+1th Thing…

    Org Junkies 52 Weeks.jpg

  9. This week on The Organizing Junkies 52 Weeks #20: Take Back Your Linen Closet.

    And I know you are dying to know how our projects are going!!!

    Project #1: The Great Photograph Deletion: Still in delete mode… 500 a day, seriously once you get started you just want to do twenty more, fifty more, 100 more… delete, delete, delete… and yet I don’t feel like I am making a dent in the overall volume of photographs… which is now at: 69 910 items… 3000 photographs less than last week!!! I can’t wait to see how it will be reduced after ten weeks… hopefully I can keep it back and get down to a reasonable level so that my poor iphoto doesn’t just about die every time I use it. And as promised some ancient photographs from when they were only four:





    Project #2: The Garage: I just couldn’t face and decided to wait until all the donate-able furniture was out before I got going again… feeble I know but we were in recovery mode and no one had the energy to ride bikes and keep me company. Also I need to figure out how we are going to make a useable bike rack … because the mountainous pile of bikes is a bit of a liability right now!!! This week coming is a busy one with a crazy deadline for Friday… so maybe only ne-ext week will we get back into it. Instead I cleaned out our top kitchen shelves and moved plates out the way that we hardly ever used and filled the space with mugs that we always use… we do get a lot of traffic through our house, and go through heaps of coffee!!!

    We finally got around to making a nice nook under Hood #3’s bed:


    Everyone’s soft toys sorted at the one end… yes the number has significantly reduced over the last while!!!

    And shelves of Enid Blytons… and a basket of board books at the other end…

    Myself I could hideaway under their and read Enid Blytons or Board Books all day…

    Not bad for an almost instant hideaway…

    That’s us… Off to start the week… Hope you have a great one.

14 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #70”

  1. Hi Mandimadeit!!! It is such a fun spot… My little guys love this spot… love it!!! We have been reading books under there all weekend!!! Hope you have a fun week too!!!

  2. Hay Jacki… So good to hear from you!!! I believe today is a holiday on your side of the world today… Hope you do something fabulous!!! Lots and lots of lekker love!!!

  3. Hi S, I think our littlest guy has moved in and is never ever coming out again!!! He doesn’t even need to duck!!! Just walks straight in!!! And reads and reads and reads… because he doesn’t come from a family of book lovers or anything!!! Have a good week!!!

  4. That is such a great idea! Curious about who makes the bedroom set? I like that it provides more floor space to do things with, yet it’s not as high as a bunk bed. Our little girl is 4 (almost 5) and we’re looking for a new bed for her.

  5. I would love to know who makes this or if you guys constructed if from your own plans. So adorable and a great use of space! Always looking for new ways to store kids stuff! : )

  6. Hi Sandra, We bought three beds like this a couple of years ago for our older kids and when we went to try and get more for our kids that were now bed ready they had gone out of business, but if you google loft beds you should find what you are looking for. These beds were so cool because the drawers you can see just off the picture actually fit underneath them, so you can make the room as compact as you need it to be. My only issue with these beds is that I was never comfortable to climb up into them for a goodnight story and a cuddle… but my kids love and adore them and I think they fully intend to take their beds with them when they leave home!!! Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great weekend!!!

  7. Hi Roberta, Wish I could say we made them!!! Because I would make a whole lot more for the upcoming siblings… but no!!! The company that we bought this bed from has vanished… but google loft beds and you will get plenty of idea… I always thought loft beds were dangling from the ceiling, but actually they are somewhere between a bunk bed and and a single bed and great for intentional under bed storage. Thanks for the visit and hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!

  8. Hi Kimberley… it is so cold and rainy today I think I am heading straight for that nook with a big blanket!!! Have a fabulous day!!

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