Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #73… And Our Winter List Begins…

  1. Babyccino Kids: there is everything to love here… everything!!! I especially love the city guides in the left column…
  2. Totally everything to love on 100 days of Summer on Amy Clark’s Pinterest.
  3. I am so moving into this bedroom from the Contended Sparrow…
  4. Oh where to start with Whip-Up, such a great week of brilliant posts over here… this week was just packed with countless things to do with your kids posts…
  5. I am loving the look of these Sharpie Markers on Ohdeedoh. Would somebody send buckets of sharpies to Cape Town!!!
  6. I love Daisy Yellow and her Index a Card Day Project is brilliant…. still a couple of days left to join… it is quick and easy and lovely to create something in a few moments each day…
  7. How to Write the Best Love Letters on A Holy Experience… You have to read all of this – it is too beautiful!!!
  8. And the se7en+1th Thing… back to my regular decluttering:

    Org Junkies 52 Weeks.jpg

  9. This week on The Organizing Junkies 52 Weeks #23: Command Center Necessity…
  10. This weeks organizing took a completely different turn and a complete break from every bit of de-cluttering and organizing we have been doing all year… I decided that Winter was actually here – huge observation there!!! It has been wetter than usual, colder than usual… and I have grumbled enough. I am a lover of all things summer but I have decided to ignore the miles of damp laundry around the house and embrace the winter – it isn’t forever… And went looking for all the things that we are always saving for a rainy day. We have a lot of things that we never get around to because I am saving them for that proverbial rainy day… only it nearly never rains here and when it does we don’t get round to rainy day things – so here is our list, so far… I gathered the kids and the first thing they said about their winter list was: no decluttering !!! I think my kids are right, it is time to enjoy all our hard work and organizing and have a little fun!!! I am all for it!!!

    • Puzzling: We hardly ever do puzzles and we have had a great big 2000 piece puzzle for ever and have never managed it… now is the time.
    • puzzles

    • Bring Back the Party: My kids haven’t had a party forever and they would like that to change… where have I been it has been a while since we had a party and I do need to get a couple of parties out of my head… let’s have some parties seems like a good idea!!!
    • parties

    • Let it Snow: We have had this bag of snow to play with forever… let’s get on with it!!! Everyone knows it never gets cold enough to snow here so could we please please please play with the fake stuff!!!
    • snow

    • Menu Week: My kids want a whole week where they do all the planning all, the cooking and I think all the cleaning up as well!!! I am all for it!!!
    • menu

    • Show Time: My kids would love to be part of a show… I am warning you we are about to enter the world of many many many puppets…
    • showtime

    • LegoLand: My kids favorite outing ever was a trip to Legoland… I am challenging with a week of Lego and they have to use every single piece of lego in the house, and I will not ask them to put it away, I fully intend to hold my breathe for a week…
    • lego

    • Play-do: I haven’t made play-do forever… and it is time to reinvent the wheel and make a giant batch… thank heavens for my Kitchen Aid…
    • playdo

    • Games: We have a bunch and I never get round to playing them… they are all sorted and ordered and ready to play… Let’s play them!!!
    • games

    • Book, Books, Books: Going to the library is a summer outing for us!!! We head down in the evening after dinner… Well how fun would it be to head out in the dark and gather up a collection of books… I need to do this – for everyone’s sake!!!
    • books

    That’s our Winter list so far… but is growing and growing as I type!!!

Meanwhile Life in the Balance loved our walk in Green Point Park!!! which is fabulous because I visited their website and browsed around for hours… Always loving local sites!!!
And we got an award…

I have to think about it a little bit and get back to it later in the week and respond… thanks Julia for the award… I am wracking my brain for se7en things and loved having a look at your fave blogs!!!

That’s us… Have a great week!!!

6 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #73… And Our Winter List Begins…”

  1. Hi,

    We would love to send you some sharpies from California. My kids are big sharpie users and we use them all the time. They have such fabulous colors these days. I really enjoy the inspiration from your blog and so do my kids.

  2. Wow! What a fantabulous idea, index cards to tell the story of your winter plans! I’m psyched that you are playing along with the challenge. Cheers!

  3. I’m so glad she mentioned you – you are all that and then some!

    I would just cuddle up with a baby or two and read…. esp as the kiddos are doing food 🙂

    Can I join you?

  4. Hi Dana, So glad you enjoy our blog… you are too kind!!! Once in a blue moon I see a couple of sharpies in a store and I grab them… but really hardly ever and they are fabulous, I love that they write on everything… so great for crafty fun!!!

  5. Hi Tammy… Just so excited to be joining in, I needed a theme to get me rolling, but once i started I realize just how addictive this can get – I love it… I have been trying to find a way to get me to do something creative everyday for the longest time and this seems to be the way… one tiny little thing in the middle of my crazy fun life with a bunch of kids!!!

  6. Hay Marcia… Hay Rock Star blogger, she was right about that too!!! Suddenly I am meeting a bunch of local bloggers – Isn’t it great!!! Hows that about the cooking… just wait your kiddo’s will get there!!! You would be loving our winter… I am turning a blind eye to it and getting on with some fun!!! Hope you have a fun week and if you ever watch Expresso, the breakfast TV show – then this is the week to watch out for us!!! I am planning to blog it but sooo busy!!!

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