Happy Birthday Hood #2…

Happy Brilliant Birthday,


To my inventor


To my super scientist…


To my dismantler

To my computer whizz


To my sax player


To my climber of everything

To my great adventurer…


To favorite food critic!!!

The man of many, many friends…

To my kite flyer…

To the best big brother…

To the brother in arms…

To my bird watcher…

To my reader of everything…

To my mad hat…

To my zoob champion…

To my dreamer of dreams…

And my thinker of thoughts…

When on earth…

Did you get so big…

I hope twelve is totally terrific!!!

15 Replies to “Happy Birthday Hood #2…”

  1. Oh Cassi!!! Thank you for stopping by to say Happy Birthday – How cool is that!!! Wonderful!!! Have a great week!!!

  2. Yes, also best wishes from all of us; may you have many more super inventions in store for you! With much love and our prayers!

  3. I will probably never meet another pre-teen boy who will actually offer to hold and entertain your baby for you while you chat!!! Happy birthday 🙂

  4. Thanks Aunty Muffin, He had a greta birthday and loved your book… cancelled the rest of the day and devoured it!!! Thanks you are such a great friend!!!

  5. Hi Kate L, It is called brotherly love of the intense variety!!! I have had to fight for sweet moments with my youngest, while everyone loves and adores him… Hood #2 has always been my chief “Can I hold the baby?” guy… I think he will make a brilliant dad one day… Hope you guys have a great week!!!

  6. Thanks Cheryl!!! He had a fabulous day and has been on many photography shoots since the arrival of a camera!!! Very fun for my technical man!!!

  7. Oh my goodness I can’t believe it is 12 already!! Happy happy belated birthday from all of us! Hope the year to come is just fabulous. Best wishes especially from an almost 10 year old in our house who is really missing running, jumping, climbing, competing and general messing about with Hood #2.

  8. Hay Jacki… Thanks for the birthday wishes!!! It is starting to rain birthdays over here!!! Tell your almost ten year old that the weather is just dreadful and lots and lots of indoor time!!! Lots of love to al of you!!!

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