More Puppets: Spoon Puppets and Plenty of People…

Supposing you have made a farmer, and a famers wife puppet earlier in the week and you fully intend to put on a show… then you may want to make some kids for your farmer and his wife.


We made a bunch of spoon people.

Let’s Meet the Players:


  • Fabric scraps
  • Spoons
  • Markers
  • Pipecleaners
  • Project Glue

Let’s Play the Game:

  • Draw a face on your spoon using markers…
  • DSC_0079DSC_0081DSC_0080

  • Choose your fabric and cut it into little squares… then smother it in glue.
  • DSC_0078DSC_0076DSC_0077

  • Then roll the fabric onto the spoon.
  • DSC_0083

  • Twist your pipe-cleaners around the spoon to make wiggly arms and you are done… ready for a show…
  • DSC_0085


  • If you can’t find wooden spoons then you can use plastic ones…
  • DSC_0526DSC_0528DSC_0524

  • And permanent markers instead of washables…
  • DSC_0531

Though I can guarantee that will be the end of the permanent markers… because your kids won’t want to stop at one or two puppets. Trust me, the voice of experience is speaking!!! If you want to see heaps of spoon puppets from a previous project then take a scroll down our tea party craft spot…

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