Se7en + 1 = 21…

Will somebody slow time down just a little bit… we are enjoying this little guy so very very much!!!


He is one of those kids that doesn’t like things… he LOVES them… Passionate is the word!!! Here are his latest and greatest…

  1. He is mad about Books, obsessed with Richard Scarry… obsessed!!! He would rather read than sleep!!! He can stay up later than everyone and keep me company while I blog… a happy little guy that brings a pile of books and plonks under my chair in the dead of night. But his favorite, favorite book right now is:
  2. He loves spending time with “his father person” on the ipad… and has a collection of apps that are “his”… his favorite by far is:
  3. Sandra Boynton’s Moo, Baa, La, La, La…


  4. He loves collecting treasures. Here is a photo of his treasure collection and the things he loves playing with right now… carrying them around and putting them back and hiding them and finding them.

  5. More words sprout each day than I can keep up with and he is getting clearer and clearer. There is a continuous spewing of fresh words from his mouth… on life and everything he sees. This is clearly the age of labeling!!! I find it a bit tragic that his baby words are flying out the window… “boops” have become “books” and “wahar” has become “water.”
  6. DSC_0588

  7. He has recently taken up grubbing about in the yard, with an earnestness that is daunting. Boy does he get busy for hours!!! Hours and hours of total quiet… except the mumblings of a young fellow quietly labeling everything he sees!!!
  8. DSC_0582

  9. He is the champion player and finds little desks to work at that we would never have thought were even options… loves a little organization and to lay things out properly!!!
  10. DSC_0552


  11. He is so into action and roaring around and his bike is his passion – at least on wheels he can keep up with everyone!!! And if he does get left behind then he just calls them by name – crystal clear in his deep scratchy boy voice. His siblings are still learning to listen to him, so he gets lots of practice!!!
  12. DSC_0406

    And the se7en +1th thing…

  13. He is so into exploring new and wonderful things – everything is wonderful and the heady excitement, to what we think is everyday, is quite contagious!!!
  14. DSC_0572

Yup, this is a guy that just never stops smiling. Unless you suggest that he wears something on his feet, imagine sleeping with your feet covered even by the bedding in the depths of winter!!! I conquer this by rolling him like a hot dog in his favorite blanket (ahem bath towel) with his head at the one end and his feet sticking out the other. Like this the man will sleep and smile and generally exude joy around our home!!!


You can read all about his very well-documented life if you scroll down our parenting link:

10 Replies to “Se7en + 1 = 21…”

  1. boy, they do grow up fast!!! And I agree “moo, bah, la,la,la” is the greates app I’ve seen so far. LOVE it mayself!

  2. Hay Irene!!! I am hoping he will never grow out of Sandra Boynton apps myself!!! Hope your week gets better and better and that we get some sunshine really soon!!!

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