Se7en’s Week of Blogaversary…

Another 52 weeks of blogging has gone by!!! Our blog is another year older, can you believe three whole years of blogging!!! We are going to celebrate with a week or two of fun… I have a whole heap of guest posts rolling in…

Let’s take a peep back in time to the first photograph we ever published!!! That was then… three years ago, when we were just se7en…


And this is now all se7en + 1…


Wooohoot I never thought we would blog, and I never thought I would blog more than a year and here we are three years of blogging done and dusted… 1300 posts and just sixty comments short of ten thousand comments and I am still loving blogging… loving it!!!

Last year we asked a couple of my favorite bloggers to tell me Se7en things – any old things… summer things, winter things, happy things, busy things… and we got the most amazing response!!! That’s the great thing about blogging… it slices through status really quite quickly!!! An ordinary momblog from Cape Town can approach a celebrity blogger on the far side of the world and get an instant reply… so I have asked again… and our series of brilliant celebrity posts are piling in…

And for all of you reading, you are certainly my celebrities… what would our blog be without readers… So I thought you might like to fill my comment tank… just 60 more to get to ten thousand!!! Today is the day for you to make our blog your blog and tell us “se7en + 1” things – anythings: Favorite books, movies, kids names you love, your to do list… “se7en + 1” things…

I will kick you off with se7en +1 random things that we get asked all the time…

  1. Why is your blog called Se7en + 1? When we began blogging we had se7en kids. The oldest was ten and the youngest 5 months. Eighteen months after we began blogging we were blessed with our precious babe: Mr Se7en +1!!! And we just never got round to changing our name to ei8ht… Se7en + 1 stuck!!!
  2. Why are our kids called the Hoods? Just before we began our blog one of my best friends in the states sent us a package… a hoodie for everyone!!! And our kids became “The Se7en Hoods.” No it has nothing to do with our actual name or address, though many people refer to me as Mrs. Hood… which has my children reeling with laughter!!! Actually I am a Dr. of the academic variety and since I started blogging almost everyone calls me se7en…
  3. What made you start blogging? We loved traveling and we hoped to do a whole lot more of it. We hoped to keep up with our friends and family around the world with our blog. Since we began blogging we have been away exactly once and that was a three hour drive from home!!!
  4. Is our house always neat? Yes of course it is!!! No I am kidding… it has moments of grandeur but they are very few and far between… with so many artists and so many cooks in our house, our house in a permanent state of “project.”
  5. How on earth do you do bed time with eight kids: Well everyone loves a story!!! Actually all my kids love bed time… getting from supper through the shower to bedtime is a bit tricky!!! But bedtime itself is lovely… The shortest fellow reads his favorite apps with his dad and I read a couple of stories with everyone else… when I am done, out go all the lights and off to sleep for everyone – the most boring house on earth at 8pm!!! Well the boys chitter chatter but I pretend not to notice… I get up an hour or two later, I wouldn’t say refreshed but a little energized!!! The house is still and then I am good to blog in peace…
  6. When on Earth do I Find the Time to Blog? We all find time for the things we love, time in our Bibles, time with our husbands, time with our kids and time to blog!!!
  7. How Do I Keep Eight Kids Busy All Day Long? Seriously? Is this a question? I don’t keep my kids busy they are so busy as it is!!! But they sure do keep me busy!!! Even if it is just mopping that bathroom floor again, and again. Our bathroom floor is very humbling for me… keeps me grounded!!!
  8. And the se7en + 1th

  9. Would you ever write a book? I would love to write a book – but really what on earth about… I can’t think what I could write about that would be longer than a blog post and packed with photographs!!! I think I may just publish our week that was posts in a year book for each of my kids each year… That doesn’t count at all… I really would love to write something of value, you know a witty “Life and Times of Se7en+1” but I am not that witty and our life and times are only really exciting to us!!! So it would have to be a “How to … ” kind of book and there are so many of those… and really who needs to know how to do stuff, most of us just need to “Get Doing” rather than reading about it!!! Maybe I could write about my terrible time at pre-school with the class bully, Clementina, who absolutely terrified me and reduced my paintings to a watery mess. No I think I will stick to blogging, where the writing is short and sweet and very often random, where nothing has to be perfect because your friends all know you wrote it at two in the morning and should be forgiven errors that lurch in and through the words… Yup I am a blogger at heart and hope to bring you at least another year of our Life and Times if not many more years!!!

That’s really enough about us… I want to know all about you!!! And I would love to hear from heaps of you… I am sure you can all tell us se7en + 1 things…So while we will be bringing you heaps of lists of se7en things from a couple of my favorite “must read every day” bloggers around the web over the next week or two… You are welcome to join in in the comments and give us a list of “se7en + 1” things… Can’t wait to hear from you!!!

33 Replies to “Se7en’s Week of Blogaversary…”

  1. Congratulations!!! What an accomplishment! Your writing and sharing your life with others has been such an encouragement to me and I’m sure many other moms out there. Blessings to you and your “hood”!

  2. Thanks Leslie, I love when you stop by – you always have something lovely to say!!! Have a great day!!!

  3. Oh, congratulations on another lovely year of blogging! Three years is such a great accomplishment. I can also hardly believe that we have been reading your blog for almost two years now. Wow!

    Hmm. Okay, here are Se7en+1 things we love about your blog:

    1. You inspire my own little one to work harder in her school time. How can you not be inspired by eight busy peers?

    2. Your information on organized, yet realistic homeschooling/family life encourages and empowers others to do the same.

    3. Fun, creative, and educational crafts and recipes. Enough said! 🙂

    4. Meaningful posts regarding an authentic life lived for and with God.

    5. Amazing outings! We just love seeing your part of the world!

    6. So many wonderful books! We have implemented some titles into our days just based upon your recommendations.

    7. Dialoguing in the comments section. It is fun for commenters to feel like a small community.

    And the 7th+1. Sending well-wishes, postcards and the occasional e-mail across land, ocean and different hemispheres in the spirit of “blogging friendship.”

    Phew! I did the list! 😉 Enjoy your Blogaversary!

    With love from America!!!

  4. What an accomplishment! Well done. I love reading your blog. It really inspires me to be a better mother.

  5. Wow April!!! I love your list!!! LOVE LOVE your list, that is just lovely … thank you so much!!! I love our readers and how they come back for more to read more and comment more!!! Thanks for your wonderful loyalty!!!

  6. Thanks Ruby!!! So glad you enjoy our blog, thank you so much for your lovely comment!!! I can’t believe it is three years, the time has flown past so fast… really how on earth did that happen!!! Hope you guys all have a great week together…

  7. Congratulations on your 3 years of blogging – big accomplishment!

    I just want to let you know that your blog is on my “top sites” section on my mac and we check in every day! You are so inspiring!

    Our 7+1 things we are loving on during the chilly winter:

    1. Doing our math workbooks in a triangle of morning sunshine on the lounge floor.

    2. Cuddling on the couch, sharing a blanket while reading bible stories ( we’ve only recently started and my Mic is *loving* bible time)

    3. Baking! My family cannot get enough buttermilk rusks – Mic and I have to make a batch every week almost 🙂 Believe it or not I actually found your blog thanks to doing a google search looking for a buttermilk rusk recipe – was SO excited when I read more and have been a regular ever since.

    4. Mic is racing through so many books this winter. Snuggling up with a book and then adding leaves to his “reading tree” as he finishes a book.

    5. Sleeping a little later. Not much, but both boys seem to be waking up a bit later lately and then play together quietly while I get up and ready for the day.

    6. Hot chocolate with marshmallows! And homemade Malva Pudding. Yummmm!

    7. Afternoon walks – all wrapped up with the littlest one in the pram – an afternoon walk really warms up the whole body. And the fresh air helps us stay sane 🙂

    and the 7+1 thing : The extra cuddles and snuggles and playing cards / board games / reading while sharing a blanket with my boys is one of my favourite things…

    Love and blessings to your wonderful family

  8. Oh Mandimadeit, I love your list – how cool is that, love all the hanging out together stuff!!! So glad you found our blog!!! Just brilliant… Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  9. Happy happy blogaversary! Here’s to many more great blog posts, and a continued enjoyment in it for you!

  10. Thank you Aunty Muffin, I think you are one of my biggest fans!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  11. Hello motherperson (and se7en) 🙂
    When I got to know you at church, AND found out that you blog, I jsut HAD to read it every day
    My se7en things i love:
    1. browsing the net for inspiration and finding the most amazing things
    2. READING anything and everything
    3. SEWING when I have the time (not only for other people but for me) it’s my creative outlet and I always have ideas (and fabric) lying around for that one special project. At the moment I have 3 unfinished quilts and am dying to finish them
    4. Work – I know not many people say this, but I really love my job. Teaching fashion design. It is creative and teaching was what I wanted to do since I was six and fashion was something that was my hobby. Needless to say, the combination is just perfect.
    5.I love sunrises and sunsets and have the most amazing view in the mornings and with coffee in hand I can watch the sun rise over the mountain.
    6. COFFEEEEEEE (no comment)
    7. Summer. don’t give me wet AND cold. Wet is cool and cold is fine, btu not together. I’m happy when it’s hot hot hot

    and the se7en +1th thing:
    being single. it means I can cook my favourite meals all the time 🙂 Yes, I love cooking and baking

  12. Hay Irene… That’s a great list!!! Not many people can say they love their job… and coffee and sunrises… wonderful!!! Thanks for all the brilliant comments, day after day!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  13. Congratulations on three years of blogging! I’ve been reading your blog for about a year and I love it! Someone beat me to “7+1 reasons why I love your blog”, so I’ll do “7+1 easy-peasy things I love to bake” instead, seeing as I love your baking posts!
    1. Crunchies
    2. Cupcakes
    3. Date squares
    4. Banana bread
    5. Ginger loaf
    6. Afgans
    7. Malva pudding
    And 7+1: Microwave chocolate cake (no butter, no oil and 7 mins cooking time – you dont get better than that!)

  14. Thanks Jo – Wow, what a list!!! You do know that you will have to share the microwave chocolate cake – really, you do know that!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

  15. Congratulations. Three years is amazing! I had a double take on your first photo. Definite family similarities among the Hoods. They may all be taller but they have not lost their smiles at all!!!

  16. I think that you have done amazingly well and I take the time and effort to read your blog frequently!
    So here is my se7en + 1 things I love about mornings:
    1. Puppy breath kisses from my children
    2. When hubby gets up to make me coffee so that I can stay in bed
    3. Hot cofee (this might seem insignificant but boy do I detest cold coffee or luke warm or slightly warm or any kind of warm)
    4. Not seeing what I look like in the mirror in the morning before I have had my coffee
    5. Listening to my children entertain their youngest sister, help her to the toilet and keep her occupied so that Mom and Dad don’t have to get up
    6. The sound of the sea through my bedroom window
    7. Sitting down to breakfast with my family and listening to the children plan their day of adventure
    and the se7en +1 thing
    Opening the curtains in our front rooms to see what colour and texture God has painted the sea

    Thank you for your writing – you inspire and motivate many of us who have still got a long way to go!

  17. Hi Cheryl I can’t believe what babies they were… It doesn’t look like they have grown to me… but then I look at the photos and they have chubby cheeks!!! Same old smiles!!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!

  18. Oh Melanie… You make me a little green with that view we know so well!!! I used to stand for hours at those front windows with my first boy and watch the cars go by… and the whales – oh the whales!!! What a wonderful house you have to call home!!! Love your list!!! And I am all for lying in!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  19. Ok…here it goes…

    Seven + 1 things I love about being a mom (although there are certainly more)!

    1. Smiles, Hugs and Kisses!
    2. The age between 19 months and 2 – I just love the way they explore the world!!!
    3. Listening to them pray before bed – Jesus has heard about my little girl’s Hello Kitty doll the last 12 nights in a row! 😉
    4. Completing potty training!
    5. When they wake up before me and come climb under the covers in our bed.
    6. The loud noises that eminate from the girls bedroom after they have been tucked in…they think we can’t hear them! *laughs*
    7. Teaching my little girl to bake – she tries to lick everything b/c she is four and has little impulse control still…but its adorable!

    And the +1 thing…

    Watching and hearing my husband play chase and tickle with them or, collective gasp, tea party!

  20. Oh happy happy anniversary!
    I still remember that sunny winter’s day on our lawn when you said, “I have a blog.” Can’t believe you have been blogging for three years! It’s been so great to enjoy your wisdom and humour and fun. I learn heaps, and I love reading your blog!

    I thought I would list 7 + 1 things I enjoy about our new island home:

    1. a chance to experience four real seasons in a year

    2. the deer nibbling in our front yard every morning

    3. beautiful mountains/islands/ocean vistas from the ferry

    4. forest everywhere with trails for wild African kids to run on and explore and explore and explore

    5. learning about wild food and salmon berry picking!

    6. never locking our front door

    7. living a very local life!

    and 7 + 1: a great internet provider so we can keep up up with se7en!!

    Take care and blessings, much loved friends across the world!

  21. Hay Jacki, Friends from far across the world… So good to read your list and know that you are having some summer fun!!! Wouldn’t it be cool to visit!!! Hope you have a fun weekend packed with lekker surprises found in a new land!!! Lots of lekker love to all of you!!!

  22. Well…our lives (yours and mine) are quite different. And since you share so much of your life with us, I thought I’d give you 7+1 about me:

    1. I live on the other side of the world==NY
    2. I have 5+1 less children than you do.
    3. My children are not at home with me anymore. However, I do have 7 grands, thank you Lord. So I guess we are 2+7 🙂
    4. My family are all people of faith, thank the Lord, albeit perhaps of a different faith
    5. I love reading your blog because you actually do so much of the stuff I wish I did…making me more of an observer as opposed to you, who is such a doer.
    6. I love seeing the art on the blog…I’m hoping it will rub off by osmosis. (tips welcome)
    7. Never having had a large family around me, makes it difficult for me to handle more than a few at a time…I start feeling overwhelmed…I guess with only 2 to bring up, I tend to hover too much :=)

    …and 7+1) You used to feel that having your subscription feed show only the first few lines of your post was enough. I hated that. I am still grateful every time I get to see your entire post in my feed.

    BTW…As I began this, I thought, “This is really hard. How does she come up with all those great 7 +1 posts?” At this point I realize that I am having a harder time just leaving it at 7 + 1.

    I love your blog and I love the way you are raising your family.

  23. Inca, I can’t thank you enough!!! I love your list and getting to know our readers so much better – too true a world apart and yet so much that we like in common!!! Do you know I had no idea about the setting on the “partial feed/full feed” thing until a couple of folk asked me to change to a full feed… I went exploring and changed it straight away!!! Thank you so very much for sharing your 7+1 things… see how easy list posts are!!! Hope you have a really great weekend!!!

  24. Happy blogaversary, Se7en (or should I say “Dr. Se7en”?)!

    I wrote a long comment last night (7 things I enjoy about being married to an academic), but my computer went wacko just before I hit “submit”, so I will just say congratulations and thank you for letting us peek into your lives! Blessings!

  25. Oh Linda B, No one is sorrier than I am that you lost your list!!! Would have loved to have read it!!! So glad you enjoy your visits here!!! HAve a fun weekend… with lots of love from Dr. Se7en!!!

  26. Happy Blogaversary – you must be so pleased you have carried on for these 3 years. Awesome memories recorded for you and your se7en+1!

    So my list of se7en+1 things my boys love doing:

    1. Lego
    2. Rough and Tumble with dad
    3. Long warm baths searching for coins with goggles on.
    4. Riding bikes
    5. Having supper out at kid-friendly Spur!
    6. Playing at the beach – or just in the sandpit at home.
    7. Playing games on Dad’s iPhone.
    se7en+1. Getting just one more story at bedtime.

    Enjoy all the gorgeous, sunny winter days!

  27. Hay Debbie – Thanks for the wonderful list and taking the time!!! It is amazing how our kids grow and change and how their list changes with time… well except for the lego… some how Lego just stays out on top!!! We had a fabulous day in the garden!!! Everyone is tired in the best kind of way!!! Hope your weekend is fabulous!!!

  28. Wow! We are glad that you blog!

    Here is my opportunity to write a little list of why I love motherhood. At an Above Rubies conference last year I was challenged to not only love my children, but to LOVE being a Mother.

    1. Time becomes precious and I learn to prioritise better. Quiet moments alone are golden. I am reminded that time is God’s, not mine!

    2. God has appointed me with the power to set the atmosphere of our home, shaping it with words, songs, decor, activities, and the comfort and nutrients of meals.

    3. I am humbled as I see my sinful reactions. I am also humbled in my opinions or ideas of how things should be.

    4. Days are punctuated with delightful moments when the children are obviously learning and delighting in life.

    5. My happy or singing voice can bring peace, joy and calm to my little ones.

    6. My arms have the power to bring comfort and security to tiny hearts and bodies.

    7. I get to introduce concepts and words, being a chief educator in our home.

    And the se7th + 1 thing:

    Two tiny people come looking for me!!

  29. Hi Sherrin, I love your wonderful list!!! I have so enjoyed reading lists on our blog this week – I think I should get folks to write long list comments more often – it is so good to read what is on your hearts!!! Hope you have a fabulous week… we have a little sunshine this weekend and we are so outdoors enjoying it!!!

  30. Happy blogaversary! I love and am inspired by your blog! I’m always amazed by not only what you and your hoods are up to but how you document it (and love seeing your part of the world). Here’s 7 +1 things I love to do with my little person:
    1. read, read, read and read
    2. tell stories
    3. play puppy
    4. garden
    5. paint with as much of our bodies as possible
    6. visit neighbors
    7. bake
    and the 7+1 thing is…explore a new outdoor place

  31. Hay Susan@improvamama Thank you so much, so glad we inspire!!! Love for your list, it is fantastic!!! Especially #5… Think we have a few of those sort of artists around here too!!! Hope you have a fun weekend – nearly, nearly there!!!

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