The Week That Was 3.52…

Look at that… half a tree is complete and we are starting the march up the other side of the tree – a branch for each month, a green leaf for sunny days and a blue one for wet days… I know it is winter but it has been really, really wet around here!!!


Not to mention cold and pretty grim… but we have been having such fun with our winter list…

Exhausting times… and cold and… if you won’t put warm clothes on then you really have to snuggle in with your father person…

And Games…

And more games…

Friday night screen time with the father person… Luckily my three shortest people don’t even know it is an option!!!

Another birthday and a trip to the ice-cafe… I think by now we must have invested quite a bit into this little ice-cream spot!!! I think we need to start a special ice-cream fund!!!

And a birthday dinner of grilled cheese…

And fairy biscuits… thanks granny!!!

Two hoods running errands in the freezing cold, rather them than me!!!

And wouldn’t you like to be responsible for lunch around here and a small pile of toasted sandwiches…

And artworks…



And I adore the turtle!!!

Reading of every book we could find with snow in it…

Our book of the Week:

And this is what the hoods got up to:
Hood #1: Another tin man puppet is at the ready under his bed…

And he bought his first ever lego kit, a dragon of course – heaven!!!

Hood #2: Reading anything and everything… and repeat… He is dying for the library to reopen… dying…

Hood #3: Discovered fractions and is begging for more… begging!!! I have a child begging for fractions!!!

Hood #4:An archaeologist went digging for artifacts… I get this a lot – do all kids have an built in “search for treasure quest” on board…

Now if a boy gets a tub of Tinker Toy for his birthday…
Then he may make a vehicle,

Or a briefcase, he would so love a briefcase to go with his suit!!!

And some crutches are handy… He is officially far too injured to do any work!!!

Hood #5: The joy of living with a potential chef, who dreams and lives recipes, is that by the time he is six he has been cooking for at least four years and is quite capable of cooking dinner for ten of us without me even asking what he is planning…
turns out Friday night was hamburgers.

And would you look at this… reading for pleasure, hours and hours and hours of it!!!

Hood #6: Just reveling… in post birthday glory…

And hair do’s!!!

Hood #7: One person has taken on the task of sock sorting… and a whole lot more sorting tasks have sprung into my mind!!!

Hood #8:And the shortest little one who has become the man who roams the home at night… what is that about!!! I am glad of the company anyway!!!

That’s us… except look at that post title… 3:52, another 52 weeks of blogging under our belt, brace yourself for a week or two of fab fun!!! Just saying!!! I will let you know all about it in the next post!!!

4 Replies to “The Week That Was 3.52…”

  1. Hood 4’s inventions are brilliant. I can’t help smiling at the crutches. So what is the secret to getting the younger ones to bed , while the older ones enjoy screen time? I can’t see my youngest buying into it! Hope you get some dryer weather soon. I miss your blue sky photos!!

  2. your hood #3 is begging fro fractions – well, now perhaps she’s ready for patternmaking. let me know when she is willing to learn 🙂

  3. Hay Cheryl, I love #4’s inventions and the crutches were a real hoot!!! My little kids have no idea that the world carries on without them… I head for bed with them as usual and they head off to dreamland real fast… who knew I ever got up before morning anyway!!! I would love to send you some blue skies… love love love to !!!! Longing that July will fly by… and why not the rest of the year seams to be steaming ahead!!! Have a great day!!!

  4. Hi Irene, Very sweet of you to offer!!! I think we may need a few sewing basics under our belts first – on the other hand in for a penny, in for a pound… ask her what she thinks next time you see her… I bet she would love to know how to make things she can wear!!! Have a great week!!!

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