Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #77…


Take a look at our Winter List… new ideas are being added to it all the time…

  1. I popped over to Happy Town, USA from Ohdeedoh… sigh!!! Memories!!! My kids just play with my collection all the time!!!
  2. Sarita Wrote about Five Myths Homeschool Mom’s Believe on the Sonlight Blog… If you are a Homeschool Mom take a read and discover you really are not alone in the world!!!
  3. brown paper packages

  4. Oh I am doing this for me!!! I love it: Brown Paper Packages Summer Reading… I am doing heaps of reading… all out loud for school… I really need to get back into the habit of reading for me… 20 minutes a day is achievable… I think I am longing for some long lazy afternoons of reading a book from cover to cover… but in the middle of the school year it is clearly not the season!!! But twenty minutes a day – can’t wait!!!
  5. More Wonderful Mud at Let the Children Play… Love it!!!
  6. You like arty inspiration and recipes… then swoon over here and I will forgive you if you vanish for ever… I came over here from Geninnes Art Blog, The whole of Draw and Cook is simply to die for!!!
  7. If you don’t know how tweeting works then you have to take a look at What I made… I totally love his work!!!
  8. Kireei has so much inspiration to love, I may just have to do this on somebody’s wall: Look at this bunting – Gives me an idea!!! And would you scroll down that post and look at the paint chip mugs… I am so glad I haven’t seen these in real life!!!
  9. And the se7en+1th Thing:

    Org Junkies 52 Weeks.jpg

  10. This week on Week 27: Get Your Kids Involved…
  11. Well this was the week to take on that garage… this is the project that got me into the whole 52 week project…

    This was the very beginning:


    So far I have this year I have spent two hours sorting boxes and tossing empty and old boxes, for appliances we didn’t actually own anymore. Another two hours on clearing out junk and making one pile of stuff to get rid of and getting all the bikes in order…


    This week I worked on the shelves, they really needed help!!!

    And just another two hours… cleared everything off the shelves, tossed the junk and put like things together and back on the shelves. “Like things together” is huge… Firstly it just looks better and secondly it is so much easier to find stuff.

    Labeled everything and that was that!!!

    And I have been putting this off for weeks… okay it’s nothing fancy, no matching plastic buckets/bins as far as the eye can see, I could do that. But boxes and a marker are both things we have lying around so I just used what we had – and really its fine!!!

    What I did discover is a prevailing lack of ability of anyone “other than myself” to put things back where they belong. Everything is available to use and is used, but almost nothing was where it belonged. Nothing!!! So everything is back in order and I think it will become an extra chore for the person who most frequents the garage to make sure that all equipment is back exactly where it is meant to be. The same person who has waited all year for his own workbench to work on his electronic dismantling projects!!! See a cleared work-surface!!!

    I have a feeling I may be winning in the garage and it has only taken eight hour so far… Now I have to know what do you do with the pile of stuff that is too big to toss out with the garbage but you certainly don’t want to live with it… a broken plastic kids table, a bag of rock solid cement – thanks to some builders. I can’t even budge it, but would so like it gone!!!

    That’s it… the garage so far and any tips would be most welcome!!!

Have a fun weekend!!!

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  1. Thanks Leslie!!! You would be amazed how relatively easy it has been!!! Pockets of time and small bits at a time!!! Have a good day!!!

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