Se7en’s Celebrities: Kathreen Rickestson from Whip Up…

Se7en + 1 things I love the best in the world:

1. I love my 2 gorgeous clever creative and imaginative kiddos.
2. I love my supportive and generous and talented husband Rob.
3. I love the creative bloggy world and all the people in it that spins around on the internet.
4. I love chocolate, red wine, cinnamon, vanilla, honey, roast pork and earl grey tea.
5. I love crochet, sewing quilts, playing with fabric and yarn.
6. I love clashing textures, colours in life and in art.
7. I love to make things, to design, create, imagine and invent.
And the Se7en + 1th thing:
8. I love my friends and family who support and appreciate my crazy schemes and weird ideas.

Thank You Kathreen of Whip Up so very much for your lovely list!!! I especially love the quilting idea… I am a wannabee quilting a quilt for each of my kids… but I have the idea that it may be for my potential grand kids instead. Gotta say I love your fabulous blog and all the wonderful projects you find around the blogworld!!!

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