Se7en’s Celebrities: Time To Craft…

Cheryl from Time to Craft Sent us a list of Se7en + 1 things to brighten up someone’s day.

Time to Craft

I love a happy day. I love to pass on a spot of happiness too. Sometimes it is just the simple, little things that help to make someone else’s day a tad better. I believe everyone appreciates a simple act of kindness, even if they seem to be the most together person. Be warned. The acts can be contagious. Recipient becomes the giver to someone else. This list is by no means finite or perfect, but I have to start somewhere!

I love to:

  1. Smile as I pass someone. Say Good Morning. Who knows. It may be the only smile or kind word that person receives all day.
  2. Spontaneously take a friend’s child for the afternoon, to give them an unexpected free few hours.
  3. Surprise a friend by turning up with warm cake straight out of the oven.
  4. Pass on surplus garden produce, pot of homemade jam or some of our hens eggs to someone that I don’t usually give them to.
  5. Hand on unwanted articles to a stranger that needs them, via Freegle/Freecycle.
  6. Hand on outgrown children’s clothes to a friend. Offering to have anything back that they don’t want, so that I can take it to a local charity (thrift/Op) shop.
  7. Help someone to achieve their dream. It may just take an encouraging word or time to listen.
  8. And for the Se7en + 1th thing:

  9. Take the No Complaining challenge. Positive attitude is contagious and a happy thing!


Thank you Cheryl of A Time to Craft… I love your list, your blog, your home and garden, your beautiful crafting. In fact I would just love to be neighbors I think we would have a whole lot to natter about while the kids run wild!!!

5 Replies to “Se7en’s Celebrities: Time To Craft…”

  1. Oh Phyllis I am so glad you stopped by and said hi!!! I love “Time to Craft” too and her list is fantastic!!! I love it!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  2. Such fun. Thanks for including me. I love the idea of sitting in your kitchen, putting the world to right, over a cup of tea. Not sure if my nocturnal didgeridoo playing in the garden each night might put a damper on the neighbour idea though!!!!! Happy blogaversary!

  3. Oh Cheryl!!! The didgeridoo will be no problem for us… really… we have vuvuzela’s… and wherever more than two vuvuzela’s are gathered together we have a stadium… We will ignore your musical quirks if you forgive ours!!! Sounds like fun!!! Thanks again and have a great week!!!

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