Se7en’s Celebrities: Luke Holzmann from Sonlight Blog…

Se7en +1 Things I’ve Done Post-Homeschooling:

  1. Earned a degree in Motion Picture Production.
  2. Married.
  3. Started and failed in a business venture.
  4. Started and dropped-out of adopting.
  5. Took care of two little girls for 9-months.
  6. Taught Sunday School.
  7. Opened our home to our Movie Night kids (and more).
  8. And the Se7en +1th Thing…

  9. Discovered that life doesn’t go as expected and yet the blessings of this path are so beautiful and painful I find I want to cry.

Everyone who reads our blog knows that we love and adore Sonlight!!! And Thank-you Luke, for the fabulous and often thought provoking Sonlight blog!!! Thanks for your great list – it is good to know, for those of us still in the trenches, that our kids will get through it all and will do a whole lot of things when they are finished with school: good things and great things, happy and sad things.

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