Se7en’s Celebrities: Katherine Marie Photography…

Katherine Marie Sent us Se7en+1 WAYS to enjoy MESSY FUN with your kids!!


  1. Fill a mini pool with something besides WATER! Balls, confetti, dried pasta, or washable paint might be fun!!
  2. Create a masterpiece with food coloring, shaving cream and glitter or mini toys.
  3. Mix liquid baby soap and food coloring for some easy-to-wash face paint. Paint kiddo faces AND baby doll faces too!
  4. Fill your bathtub or sink with JELLO or chocolate pudding. Go for a DIVE! This is on my bucket list. 🙂
  5. Have a play-dough party! Help the kiddos make batches and batches of play-dough and then hunt for unique elements to add to colorful play-dough creations.
  6. Paint with something other than a PAINT BRUSH. Experiment with veggies, pasta, flowers, toes, leaves… the ideas are endless. This summer I might get brave and try FLY SWATER painting!
  7. Create an ART BUFFET. Set up a lovely display of paper scraps, glue, paint, confetti and glitter to your dining room table and encourage kiddos to create without fear of mess or expectation.
  8. And the Se7en + 1th thing

  9. HOST a WHIP CREAM FIGHT! This is an annual tradition for us. Stock up on spray whip cream and go CRAZY!

Thank-you Katherine Marie and your wonderful photography… I love your inspiring messy list, and I love your blog and all the brilliant colorful things to do!!! My all-time favorite Katherine Marie post is this one – because everyone needs to hear “It’s Okay” from time to time…

2 Replies to “Se7en’s Celebrities: Katherine Marie Photography…”

  1. I still can’t believe another an another ANNIVERSARY for you!!!!! Thank you for offering the most CREATIVE and INSPIRATIONAL ideas… the world is a more creative and beautiful place because of you and your kiddies!!! xoxoxoxoxox

  2. Oh KM, Thank you – again!!! I can’t believe a whole year has passed either – can time really pass this fast – I never believed it when I was a kid, but I seem to be crossing over to the other side… while my kids think time is standing still – dragging along till the next great event!!!

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