The Week That Was – 4.2…

It’s all about sunshine… sunshine… sunshine – yay!!!


Full moon and spring high tide…

And glorious morning/evening skies…

One morning before my eyes were even slightly open I was presented with this magnificent beverage…

I soon realized that it was to soften the blow of a couple of short men folk waking early with intentions of eating everything in site!!!

There was baking because chocolate is a way of life…

And egg collecting…

Spot the goose egg!!!

Of course, there was book reading… and Hood #6 is not wearing pajamas in every picture – that is her blazer, trust me on this, I was told by an authority!!!

And reading…

How cute are those feet sticking out the end of the book!!!

We have been watching the Tour de France, because one must… It is a dream to watch it in real life, but for now we will settle on the screen:

Will no longer have me in their room, it may have something to do with always finding a “little tidying task,” it is now a crime scene and the tape may not be crossed by “the mother person!!!”

And there was heaps of school and art of course…

Did I say heaps of arting…



My artwork of the week is this one:

Hmmm or this one…

It was Madiba’s birthday so our book of the week has to be this one, that has been read to death in our house and is looking very well worn!!!:

And this is what the kids got up to:
Hood #1: Seems to have installed a crows nest at the front gate… I think the neighbors, who recently moved in must just wonder what on earth they are living next door too… “a laundry for monkeys. There are always kids dangling from somewhere and laundry, out to dry, wherever it can be hung in the garden!!!

Hood #2: Has taken to cartooning…

Hood #3: Demonstrates that we don’t only do art for school – oh, who am I kidding!!!

She set up stylish race numbers for everyone and a stopwatch and races… fun!!!

Hood #4: Is by far my best sweeper, and let’s face it, he has a certain style!!!

Hood #5: Could not resist a visiting helmet… and looks just like a bug!!!

Hood #6: Will this child ever stop snipping… I think the first about post I ever wrote I said she was mad about snipping… three years later and she can snip a piece of paper to shreds in seconds!!!

Hood #7: Spends hours doing real math… “Whats 3 +7” “Whats eighteen eight” and so on… all I can say is that every sum equals zero and I am glad she is not my accountant!!!

Hood #8: I think he may have been in someone else’s treasure drawer… Can you tell!!!

And he is very quickly becoming an art force to reckon with…

And sitting on the couch next to “the father person is…” very soporific!!!

That’s us – Hope your week is going well!!!

8 Replies to “The Week That Was – 4.2…”

  1. May I ask you a little school question? How do you like Grammar 5 so far? Is the Hood using it also doing Core 5? Hope you are having a great week. It’s very hot here, and we are enjoying the pool in the mornings while I am organizing new school stuff in the afternoon. Lillian

  2. Hay Lillian, I know I owe you a homeschool update… We aren’t doing grade 5 this year… I have a grade 4 and a grade 6 student. The grade 6 students grammar came in a workbook instead of weekly language arts file sheets… and otherwise it is pretty much the same. My grade 6 er likes me to sit alongside him for this but then I always sit alongside my kids for their language art worksheet. In a nutshell it I think it is pretty good, covers a lot of ground… we don’t do a little bit everyday just a chunk twice a week other than that I think it is pretty much the same. Are there sample pages on the website? Sorry I am not being at all helpful!!! Hope you have a good day, despite my poor response!!!

  3. Thanks! You don’t owe me a homeschool update, but I would certainly love to read one. 🙂
    You are right, I need to go to the website and take a peek. Lillian

  4. Hay Lillian, I am getting there – I have just been so busy with celebrities… but I have one or two posts getting written in the wings!!! Have a fabulous day!!!

  5. hey hey. that last picture is just too precious!!
    you said in the previous week that you are dreaming of 8 quilts, huh? it just so happens that I just finished 1 – no, not eight yet, but there are another 2 in progress….. let me know, ok?

  6. Hi Irene, I think I may have to be the one to actually do the quilting… You know that “pi in the sky” ideal of motherhood and all that!!! Love the last picture too, catching flies!!!

  7. Tell her I LOVE her BLAZER!!!! hehehehe… so sweet. Did you know that Mason and N. M. share the same bday? My friend told me… what a fun surprise. Glad you guys are getting some sunny sunshine. :):) We are so excited for FALL here!!!!!!

  8. Hay KM… She adores her blazer – this girl sure has her own style!!! And Mason certainly chose a great day for a birthday!!! I can’t believe it is fall!!! Really!!! We are loving the sunshine but I can’t believe this is Spring!!! Hope you guys have a fun weekend!!!

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