Se7en’s Fun Photo Props…

You see them everywhere… mustaches, beards, bow ties, spectacles… well my kids needed some!!!


Let’s Meet The Players:

  • black card
  • bright paints
  • scissors
  • drinking straws
  • white project glue

Let’s Play The Game:

So we got to work… paints are always a good place to start…


And a painting frenzy ensued:

And ended up with all the gear…

DSC_0209 DSC_0208DSC_0207DSC_0206

This was followed by a great cutting session:

A dash of project glue and some drinking straws…

And Ta Da:

  • Some Beards…
  • DSC_0682

  • Mustaches…
  • DSC_0680

  • Bow Ties…
  • DSC_0681

  • And Spectacles…
  • DSC_0678

And miles of smiles…



That’s us… Have a fun weekend!!!


14 Replies to “Se7en’s Fun Photo Props…”

  1. OKAY!!!! OKAY!!!! Now I see why you pulled an all nighter… these are amazingly FUN and FANTASTIC. I LOVE EM! Pictures are always more fun to make when you get silly and creative.

  2. PS does #8 look more and more like his DAD every single day or WHAT? I would love to see a side by side photo of both of them at the same age. :):)

  3. Hay KM…Who knew it was a whole lot easier to take silly photographs!!! We had such fun doing this!!! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!!!

  4. KM, He looks exactly like his brother Hood #4… Who looks exactly like his Dad… did at that age!!! Funny I never thought of a comparative study!!! You are just full of ideas!!!

  5. Oh my oh my oh my you do it AGAIN! What a brilliant and fun craft! And always so colourful and special! and always with all your kids. You are brilliant 🙂 Just adore your blog and crafts1

    PS thank you for linking to kids get crafty!

  6. Glad you like them RedTedArt… Just so happy we got a craft done in time to play!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

  7. Hay Sara, So glad you liked it!!! I was so pleased to have a craft up and ready for you this week!!! Hope you have a good week!!!

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