Se7en Make Road Maps…

Some of us have places to go and things to do:


So we made a road map…

We have had some rainy afternoons and we have had some free time… and a large piece of paper.

We added some paper scraps and magazines and glue sticks and scissors…

And a heap of concentrated effort…

We added some roads…

And some street markings…

Then some houses and homes…

And a frenzy of crayons…

And before we knew it… we were good to go…

With heaps of detail…

And tree lined avenues…

Anywhere, anytime!!!



Hope you have a fun weekend!!!

19 Replies to “Se7en Make Road Maps…”

  1. Ooooh, we did this once! It was right after a move, and all I had was crayons, packing paper (like what you showed), and brown grocery bags. We moved right at someone’s birthday and they had gotten a package of cars. We didn’t have a lick of furniture, and massive amounts of packing paper, so it kind of took over our living space. 😉

  2. What a great rainy day activity. They have put so much detail into it. I love that Hood 4 and Hood 5 were as well dressed as usual, even as they acted as town planners.

  3. Oh Cheryl, How often do our comments cross paths in the air!!! Your summer garden looks beautiful… I can’t wait for a bit more warmth and sunshine!!! We had a lot of fun town planning, I think we may make one or two and post them off to friends that are traveling… there will be no parting of my daughter away from thins one!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

  4. Oh Christine!!! Isn’t packing paper the best!!! I have a great project planned with our school book paper but it is really messy and I need to take a bit of a leap of bravery before I do it!!! Your renovations look just a little intense… I remember living with beach sand blasting through our kitchen for weeks, we would put masking tape around the door to the rest of the house every night – great security!!! – and then it was over and we were living in it. Hang in there it will end and before you know it the “Hillbilly Hotel” will be up and running and you will be far too busy changing sheets for school co-ops!!! On that merry note, have a fun weekend!!!

  5. Love it! And as usual am so impressed by the fact that your kids have the patience to create and create together, truly fantastic and a testimony to the fact that you’re really doing an amazing job! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

  6. Once again: totally beautiful and wonderful! I love how everyone helped out and created just a colourful road to play on. LOVE!

    (as always, thank you for joining in at Kids Get Crafty!)

  7. Hi Sara, Thank you, so glad you liked their work!!! I love your link up it is always packed with fabulous crafts!!! Have a good week!!!

  8. Hi Maggy, So good to hear from you!!! My guys had such fun making their map!!! Saved us from another rainy day!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  9. What a fun idea for all the kids to get involved in. It looks like a fun few hours were spent. We’ll be doing this on our next rainy day.

  10. Hi Dianne, It was indeed great rainy day material!!! We are actually going to make a couple as gifts to send overseas to friends… they fold flat enough to put in an envelope!!! And they aren’t so precious that they can’t fold up. Have a fun weekend!!!

  11. Thanks for the invite Bern, I will be sure to pop over!!! Glad you liked our map, and hope you have a great day!!!

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