World Blog Day – A Feast of Favorite Blogs…

Today is World Blog Day, well yesterday actually, because sometimes life gets in the way of blogging!!! Anyway what better excuse than to share a few of my favorite blogs with you!!! Not all the ones I love to read – every single day, just a smattering and a taste of blog flavors that I love:


Best Mom Blogs: I would like to be neighbors with all of these bloggers only half a world separates most of us!!!

  • LifeNut. What can I say a family with eight delightful funky kids and a mom that writes up a storm!!!
  • Adventures in Baby Wearing. A mom with four gorgeous kids, whip makes the ordinary look extraordinary and a mom who is so very good at sharing her thoughts.
  • Katherine Marie. Crafty, loving, family fun… Every post is a work of art.
  • Time to Craft. Love the ramblings and the makings and the doings over here.
  • Whatever. Bright Funky fun, More Rainbows than you have ever seen.
  • We are That Family. Real kids, real life, thought provoking post after thought provoking post.


Best Eye Candy:

  • Design Mom. A mom with a couple of kids!!! Spending a year in France, she shares all sorts of eye candy and wonderful discoveries on a daily basis!!!
  • Geninne’s Art Blog. A Magical gasp of beautiful art every single post. She shares her home, her art, her desk… just loveliness…
  • Made by Joel. Heaps of cool, crisp, clean, crafts… simple to make and from stuff you have… popover and look at his paper city!!!
  • Meet Me At Mikes. I have been loving this blog for ever, packed with variety and fun, books, eats, crafts. writing… just brilliant fun… LOVE IT!!!
  • Alisa Burke. Shares her beautiful sketchbooks and has brilliant online classes!!!.


Best Tips For Life, School And Blogging:


Places that are always good to visit:

  • Playing by the Book. Always, always something good to read over here and I love her postcard swaps!!!
  • Vintage Kids Books. What;s not to love about books from your own childhood and author interviews and everything bookish.
  • Ohdeedoh. Because there is always something fun and funky over there.
  • Kireei. Love, love, love Kireei!!!
  • Babyccino. Oh there is lots to love over there!!! Just stuff… lots of nice stuff!!!
  • Li’l Magoolie: Lovely fun finds from around the web – everyday!!!


Best Craft and Great Outdoor Blogs:

  • The Crafty Crow. Before I had a blog I loved the Crafty Crow… crafts galore everyday… everything to love!!!
  • One Pretty Thing. Absolutely everything crafty… Collection after collection of brilliant printables, sewing, kids, food, party crafts, crafts, crafts!!!
  • Whip-Up. I have one word to say about whip up and their kid’s mags… WOW!!!
  • Imagine ChildHood. Oh the great outdoors from around the world in beautiful full color!!!
  • The Magnifying Glass. Love this spot for things to do and see in the great outdoors!!!
  • Fimby. A Family that takes living out doors to new and lovely heights!!!


Places I Love to Link Up Each Week:

I hate to say it, but that’s not nearly all of them… but I have to post a post sometime… So a smattering of my favorites!!! Hope there are a bunch of new blogs for you to look at and I would love to hear about your favorite, favorite blogs in the comments!!!

16 Replies to “World Blog Day – A Feast of Favorite Blogs…”

  1. Oh my! Just when my unread list in google reader had come down to triple figures, I’m now adding a whole lot more. Thanks for including me. I love the idea of the virtual neighbourhood. Look like a nice crowd!

  2. My coffee is just brewing and then I’m going to have a wonderful time exploring all these blogs (kids are still asleep fortunately!)
    Thanks so much for including me in your list, I’m honoured.

  3. Hi Cheryl, Yay it’s Friday… sorry to fill up your reader, I have to say about once a week I hit “all read” on my news reader!!! I am really going for a virtual neighborhood… some folks just click!!! Hope your day is a whole lot warmer than ours… we have an icy wind straight from the south pole pummeling us!!! Lots of love…

  4. Hay Zoe, What was I thinking… thanks for the coffee reminder, my day would be so much better if I had some inside me!!! It was my pleasure to include you – hope you have a fun browse!!!

  5. Hi there from beautiful Benoni to fabulous Fish Hoek! I have just stumbled across your amazing web page – WOW! I will need a week to digest it all – I take my hat off to you and all the outstanding work you do…. well done!
    Take care

  6. So many blogs To check out! Yay! Of course I will save for a rainy day.. Thanks for including me on your wonderful list. Xoxoxoo

  7. Oh Katherine Maire… Of course I had to include you!!! I hope you have many rainy days with your feet up. I hope you are getting masses of rest – really I do. Lots of love and hope your weekend is a great one!!!

  8. Hay Lifenut friend… Had to include you’ll. Can you imagine a meet up of all our kids and the huge table we would need for dinner!!! Wonderful, crazy fun!!! Can’t wait for the someday, somehow!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

  9. Hi Sarah, Thanks for the lovely link!!! I love exploring new sights!!! Hope you have a great weekend and thanks so much for stopping by!!!

  10. Just…thank you! I think it’s cool that God uses you to shepherd me even though we don’t really know each other. This blog entry came into my inbox just as I was feeling discouraged about not knowing where to look for inspiration in our homeschool. 🙂

  11. Hay Reba, Wow It has been a busy day over here, else I would have replied sooner… I just wanted to thank you for your lovely comment and hope you have a restful weekend and find lots of renewed energy for school!!! Thanks for visiting!!!

  12. Yeeehhaaa!!! I’m off to Blog Hop, Thanks for sharing 🙂 – also, the September Calendar is FAB, my kids have a Roald Dahl Day at school on the 13th and I was about to search your blog for your previous post – awesome! Have a lovely day, blow a kiss to FH Beach for us x

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