Se7en’s September Update…


6 Replies to “Se7en’s September Update…”

  1. These posts are epic – I am in awe of all these amazing links – having done a few posts featuring just a handful of links I know just how long it takes… As in the name of the well known book and soon to be movie – I don’t know how she does it! Thank you for all the effort!

  2. Hi Kathryn, I so haven’t forgotten you – some posts are harder to write than others!!! I love that folks enjoy these posts!!! I sure do enjoy putting them together!!! Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

  3. Hi Reba, Cape Town is so cold right now that we are all wearing sons!!! Thanks so much for loving our calendar!!! Have a fabulous week!!!

  4. And then your birthday falls on….. hmmm (I dare not say) coming soon to a blue house near you 🙂

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