Saturday Spot: Roald Dahl Inspiration Tray and Peachy Insect Shadow Bugs…

So today was Roald Dahl’s Birthday and we had books for breakfast, seriously sometimes you must do what you must do… We could have had Bruce Bogtrotter Cake, so books seemed like a really good idea!!!


School didn’t go quite as expected either…


I live with a potential Roald Dahl, well eight of them really, but one in particular makes me feel like Roald Dahl’s mother must have felt – one crazy ride after another. If you have ever read Boy by Roald Dahl then you will know what I mean. Hood #1 doesn’t have a garden shed to write in, but he does have an ever changing tray of inspiration. Always with a little Shakespeare and Dickens, a couple of pencils and a box of things to write about this week: marbles, a dragon, an interesting stick, some buttons and a convertible car.


Anyway we decided to throw the day out the window and we settled into a project… drawing bugs that you may well have found inside James’ giant peach…


Markers and colors and jabbering away about favorite favorite favorite Roald Dahl books. When we were done drawing we glued black paper on the back of the drawings. Then snippety snip we cut them out… all the while discussing out of the whole collection, which one is the absolute best. There was no consensus but we did have a veritable collection of bugs:


And a whole lot of shadows…


So bright and colorful…


or shadows…


Here are a couple of Roald Dahl links of you…

Hope you all have a great week!!!

20 Replies to “Saturday Spot: Roald Dahl Inspiration Tray and Peachy Insect Shadow Bugs…”

  1. I think your mini R.D.s are AWESOME!!!! Sometimes the greatest and most precious gifts come when we things don’t go as planned. I say your unique art school is a WONDERUL GIFT! I love them all!!!!

  2. Things always, always, always are in the last place you look (why? Because you stop looking when you find them!) or you break down and replace them – then they turn up!
    Laughing with you – done my fair share of searching for that missing favorite book.
    Thanks for your blog – I love the inspiration.

  3. Hay KM… You know plans are so for moving away from!!! So excited about your first day of school today… what a sweetie pie!!!

  4. Oh 3GoatMom… Don’t you know it… It will be in an obvious place but you just can’t help yourself looking everywhere for it – even the most obscure places!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing such a neat project and the links. We love Roald Dahl around here too, and my oldest has read all of his books–some more than once.

  6. What wonderful Roal Dahl inspired characters. Love how you have the colour side and the shadow side… as always beautiful beautiful beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  7. Hi Sara, I am so glad you like them… I love the crafts that link up on your Craft Schooling Sunday!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  8. We’ve just finished James and the Giant Peach tonight. Eldest has read them all and now we’re going through them all over again with Middling. I am loving the re-re-re-re-reads. That has to be the sign of a brilliant writer! Love all the bug art.

  9. Oh Cheryl, Can’t you just read these again and again and again… My favorites are Matilda and Th BFG, I could read them forever!!! Hope you are all having a fun week!!!

  10. Ha!!! Observant Kim!!! It is like 90% lefties in our house – bizarre, but it must be genetic!!! The odd right handed kid can never ever find a pair of scissors… and so on… one of our quirks!!! Hope you have a great day!!!

  11. Hi Hila, So glad you enjoyed our bugs!!! We will take it as a compliment that you wanted our artwork for bunting!!! Hope you and your Baby Bug have a fun weekend!!!

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