Se7en’s Gallery of Recycled Robots…

We had been so very busy with recycle crafts just lately. Everyone piling in and building and constructing to their hearts content. The only thing between the recycle bag and works and works and works of art is glue. Tape, while marvelous is no longer sufficient my kids are on a mission to use heaps and heaps so glue…


So we began… with a pile of equipment:


Then we plotted…


And planned…


We pondered…

We tested…

We explored…

We experimented…

And we glued…

We glued and we glued and we glued!!! And after an afternoon spent in glue heaven this is what we came up with:

A Gallery of Recycled Robots!!!










That’s us – Have a fun day!!!

22 Replies to “Se7en’s Gallery of Recycled Robots…”

  1. oh what fun! and they all look totally awesome – well done Hoods!

    Am I sad that my heart actually skipped a beat at that huge lindt choccie?

  2. Wow! R2.D2 please stand back and make room for the next generation of visitors from outer space. Had no idea there was such a wonderful selection of friendly characters visiting from way out there on some distant planet.

  3. Hay Kerry!!! Catch your heart… It was a birthday gift and not a huge slab but rather a box of thin slivers… and after dinner treat of note!!! Totally loving Lindt – have you tried their salty chocolate – it is my all time favorite!!! Have a great evening!!!

  4. Hi Granny Ant… So glad you like the gallery!!! Lots and lots of rooting going on about here!!! Thanks for commenting – I love it!!! Hope you have a great day tomorrow…

  5. Love the green and red head!! What a cool bunch of robots! Yip, we are out of tape, need to go replenish supplies, every time the recycling box is emptied another invention is born!
    Salty Lindt is yum!
    Thanks for the great site!!

  6. As long as you also then watchede “robots” the animation, everything is ok. That little green / red number of #8 is totally awesome!!!

    have a good weekend.

  7. Some salty Lindt was once bought accidently (in place of the regular slab) and I couldn’t stop eating it…I absolutely love it too…nearly as much as these wonderful robots here!! Seriously cool!!

  8. Hi Love and Lollipops, Oh what a good mistake!!! It is so moreish – who would had thought!!! Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  9. Absolutely MARVELOUSLY CUTE and CREATIVE!!! I’m going to pin these for sure… I need to be on my ipad to pin! :):) Tell the kiddos that we here in INDIANA never grow tired of their wonderful recycled projects!

  10. HAy KM, I am always so grateful for your comments on the weekend!!! I am so glad you stopped by and enjoyed our robots!!! Hope you have fabulous fun dressing up for Halloween!!! Lots of love!!!

  11. Hi Sara, Good to be back – We have been really busy with school and travel plans – we went on a trip to Lesotho… and blogging really has been one long report back on our unforgettable trip… hope fully we will be back into crafting from now on!!! Lots of love!!!

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