Welcome Whip Up Readers… How to Make A Can of Games…

Hi there Whip Up Readers who are visiting all the way from Australia!!!

We are so thrilled to be visiting on your blog today…

And to all our readers on Se7en head over and say hi… Where there are directions on…


How to make a Can of Games… Car Trip Fun… that my kids haven’t stopped playing with yet!!!


Inside you will find:

  1. Checkers
  2. Snakes and Ladders
  3. Magnetic Paper Dolls
  4. The Dot to Dot Game
  5. Scrabble
  6. A Mini Road Trip
  7. A Tangram Game
  8. And the Se7en + 1th

  9. Doodle Cards


Hope you have a great day!!!

4 Replies to “Welcome Whip Up Readers… How to Make A Can of Games…”

  1. Hi Rashmie!!! Good to hear from you… It was a fun project to put together… and I have a feeling it is going to be great for sick days as well… Hope you have a fun weekend… Nearly, nearly there!!!

  2. Hay KM, You never know you may tae a road trip one day and it was so easy to make… my kids are still loving it and play road trip under the laundry rack for hours… My little guysits their “holding the steering wheel” and singing that he is off to Lesothothotho!!! Fun indeed!!!

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