Sunday Snippet: Staying Connected With Lesotho…

It’s been a few days since I showed you some photos of our Lesotho trip, but here is another quirk of Lesotho… that more than one visitor to Lesotho pointed out to us… Though it was quite hard not to observe this phenomenon ourselves!!!

Let’s see if you notice anything:


They are nothing if not connected in Lesotho… cell phone providers of all shapes and sizes everywhere!!!


So now whenever we see a cell phone provider it reminds us to pray for the special people that we met there, that are working to serve the Lord and taught us life lessons beyond imagining! I thought I would show you a handful of people we met, certainly not all of them, just so that you could meet the people close up.

Meet the pastor of the church we visited:


The man who never stands still…


The man who has a dream to spread the gospel, feed the hungry children, educate the children of his village, enable the adults to get business training, provide food parcels for local folk suffering from HIV/AIDS… the list just goes on. He didn’t have office hours, his door was always open to everyone and he redefined going the extra mile. He not only talks about projects but he activates and gets going with them. He and his congregation have built their church up stone by stone and “it can’t be done” is just not part of their vocabulary.


And this is his daughter, dressed in brown, who has no fear of taking on at least 150 local children for a day of Bible Club, with a couple of teen helpers and precious little equipment… Games, games, games, a bible reading and bible song and then games some more… Everyone got a turn and everyone went home having had the best day of their lives… Those kids will never forget their day of Bible fun.

And there is the little girl, in the blue t-shirt, with her, who so was so pleased to be able to stand up and tell everyone about her love for Jesus… and about how having Jesus in her heart has changed her life. How many of us would be able to do that!!! In fact there were heaps of little girls that connected with my little girls and became good friends for life. Little hearts we have to pray for.


Meet the young man, who is mad about sports, he is finished school and hoping to study further in South Africa. He stays in his family home, his mum works in South Africa and visits once a year, the rest of his family: two sisters and a brother live elsewhere in South Africa, where they work and are completing their schooling. This young man had no problem, that he let on, having a family of ten pop over for a week and to stay in his home. An invasion for sure, imagine being brave enough to have eight extra kids to stay for a week. He had to sleep on the floor while we took over the two bedrooms. He did so willingly and with joy… Not to mention having to help get little people up and ready for the day on the cold mornings… not to mention keeping the house immaculate. I can only hope that my boys will rise to an occasion like this a couple of years from now.

This little guy became a best friend straight away… these two are friends for life. They connected as one can only connect with a handful of people in your life. They will write letters, and they will pray for each other and I have a feeling that when they meet again it will be as if they were never apart.

This little guy stole my heart!!! He lives in a shack that was next door to the house we stayed in. He lives with his little brother and sister and his mom. His Father works in South Africa and he hardly ever sees him. This little guy had his thirteenth birthday while we were there and my kids bought him a coke. He came to me afterwards, he wasn’t feeling well he was not expecting his tummy to feel so full!!! He started high school this year and hopes to keep attending, his favorite subjects are history and soccer!!! He wants to be an actor when he grows up – and he is so good at telling a story I have no doubt he would make a good one!!!

We arrived in Lesotho late on the Saturday night. The following day we attended church and met a sea of faces. They have a time during their Sunday service where they don’t just greet the folk sitting around them but the whole church gets up and each individual greets each other individual in the church that day. There is no way you could sneak into the back of the church and sneak out un-noticed at the end of the service – these people know and understand about connecting. It was wonderful as the sea of faces became smiling friends and after a week in their village they were individuals that we had gotten to know and treasure. Now we have a heap of folks that our family loves to pray for, people on the far side of the country that have a completely different life to ours and yet they have dreams and goals not that different form ours. People that know about connecting, people who we need to encourage and pray for. There life is hard, far harder than ours and yet they are never too busy to stop and take the time to connect with the people they love, even with the people they have never met before, just visiting and passing through. Just a month ago all of these folk were strangers and now they are lingering on in our hearts.
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  1. I kind of feel like I won the lottery today. Last week was so busy that I couldn’t even find a chance to check your blog. Tonight after I put my little guy to bed, I sat down and got to read a whole week’s worth of posts in one go. Thank you for your wonderful blog. I enjoy it so much! You are an inspiration!

  2. Amy, So thrilled to have readers that feel like they have one the lottery when faced with a week of posts!!! Keep coming back it is just lovely!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  3. Oh KM, So many special people… Thank you for your prayers… I need to post one or two more LEsotho posts about the school and the kids there… it was just so very different to our lives and it takes a while to process and post about it!!! Not to mention about a bazillion photographs to sort through!!! Hope you have a great weekend with your cute kiddos!!! Lots of love…

  4. Amazing- thank you so much for sending me this link! You are right- we would get along very well.
    I’m going to read up more about your trip and will send you an email shortly.
    So lovely to connect with you.

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