Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #95 – Advent Calendar Special


    This week I finally started thinking about Christmas… and the biggest breakthrough… you can now find all our Christmas posts in one spot…

    And all our Gift ideas that kids can make in just one spot…

  1. Activity Villages Online Advent Calendar is too darling for words… A little something to do everyday in the countdown to Christmas.
  2. If you have a heart to make an advent calendar, Activity village has a heap of Advent ideas and they have masses of good ideas for filling your calendar…what to put inside your calendar!!!
  3. If you are looking for a fun Crafty Advent Calendar then really look no further than The Crafty Crow…
  4. Any number of Craftable Advent Calendars on One Pretty Thing…
  5. Advent just wouldn’t be Advent without a Jesse Tree… Feels Like Home has the Best Jesse Tree Help out there, all in a printable, free, e-book.
  6. If you are looking for a quick printable Jesse tree, with coloring ornaments then head straight to the brilliant Life Your Way…
  7. Picklebums Five Awesome Advent Calendars.
  8. And completely nothing to do with Advent whatsoever… Lilla A Is Selling her robot poster in her etsy store… totally, totally, totally cool!!!

    And the se7en+1th Thing: If you feel like organizing!!!

    Org Junkies 52

  9. This week on Org Junkie’s 52 Weeks we are at Week 46: Where to Donate Stuff…
  10. I used to think I new where to get rid of stuff: Old books, old toys, old clothes – no problem anything that can fit into a bag goes to the clinic up the road… without a thought. They pass it on to folk in the local township. The bag lives behind our front door and gets filled and as soon as it is full I pass it on. But latelyI am battling to get rid of the bigger things: a plastic table, an old screen, beach chairs… just stuff taking up space in our garage… just stuff we really don’t need. A real lesson in don’t let stuff in your gate unless you totally love them. I used to have a guy that would come by once a year to clear out our garage and I would give him all that stuff… but he hasn’t been around for the longest time. Anyway I have a couple of weeks to think about it before the end of the year… but I really want the junk out, out, out.


    This week has been a great week for sorting and getting rid of stuff… I went around the house gathering extinct art projects and dare I say: RECYCLING. The stuff is killing us. My kids have gone insane and remove heaps of stuff from the recycle bin, with potential projects and I find recycling jammed everywhere, amidst their clothes, on their shelves of treasures – in their beds… It is madness!!! But bigger than that… the father person eventually got into our “put stuff you just don’t know where it belongs room” he tossed a heap of stuff out the door, and now it is mine to get rid of!!! And he got just one child, rather than eight (!!!) to help him rewire about a bazillion cables. I am so thrilled about the result and the actual visible floor that you just cannot believe!!!


    My boys have been building up to a week of chaos… They didn’t have to tidy up at the end of each day because they had a major project they were working on… Well that was a mighty error of judgement!!! Every day and before every meal, we have to tidy up! Seriously if we leave it we end up in total chaos… They started to tackle it tonight but I can see they are going to be fairly busy with their room tomorrow as well, so that it can be neat enough for school on Monday. And as for that drawer – my word, my child: That was clean and tidy, with shirts in it, about two weeks ago… I knew with four boys sharing a room I would have to be extra vigilant and this week proves the point, it is just not worth letting it all slide.


    And finally after 46 weeks I can honestly say that most of our clutter is actually the stuff that is meant to help with clutter… I have a problem with storage!!! Do you see ALL these lovely containers… Folks they are empty and have been all year. Those are just a few of the containers from our “put stuff you just don’t know where it belongs room” and leave them there until we need them… These boxes have been there all year!!! ALL YEAR!!! It is shocking really, the things that are meant to help you are actually swamping you. So for me they have to go… Well except for that lovely wooden one I have a plan for it, and I will show you next week!!!

    That’s us… Hope you have a good week!!!

4 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #95 – Advent Calendar Special”

  1. Thank you! Many good links…I just printed off our Jesse Tree ornaments. Very excited that we’ll actually do it this year!

  2. Hi Jocelyn, So glad you liked it!!! I am planning to write about Advent a whole lot more this week!!! So glad you enjoyed it!!! Have a fabulous day!!!

  3. We’ve just started making our advent calendars. I just love it when the children all work together. I can’t believe you have any clutter left, after all your decluttering this year. Are you sure there isn’t a pixie bringing it back in, unknown to you all?

  4. Hi Cheryl, We are starting to think about Christmas… And we will make our Advent Calendars towards the end of the week… And hopefully blog about them before December 25th!!! I never seem to do things ahead of time, just to blog them… I guess this is a living blog. And yes we still have clutter… there is more than one pixie at work here!!! I still have two major decluttering projects on my list – one I am hoping to tackle this week or next… and the other is the father person’s stuff. I left his till last as it has become glaringly obvious that something, anything needs to be done about it!!! I am not one who likes to dive in and sort their husbands things out – it never works. It takes me days, it takes him hours… He gets focused and rips through stuff… I have to think about it. One thing I have learnt is that people have to do their own sorting… seriously you just can’t do it for them!!! Hope your Advent Calendars turn out beautifully!!!

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