The Week That Was 4.20…

Another week that was…


And Winter is hanging on for dear life… So Spaghetti and meatballs…
Spaghetti and meatballs... With roast tomato sauce... Yum!!!

And roast tomato sauce are hanging on for dear life…
It's cold and rainy... Only one thing to do: make a massive jar of roast tomato sauce!!!

But Summer is coming and so is the wind…


Our peach tree has been raided!!! And previously our crop has been destroyed before we got to it… Not this year!!!


This adorable car stopped the traffic outside our house!!!


Waiting, waiting…


Waiting for the train to pass…

It has been mostly cold and rainy… But the sun came out and we headed for the beach… and my house takes on the summer look… endless piles of sandy clothes… dumped in pursuit of food… starvation as a result of hours on the beach.


There was digging…

And flooding…

And look at that a photograph of all the kids… YUP they are all in there… could that be our Christmas shot… do they have to all be looking at the camera!!!


And the trouble with being the eighth child in a family is that more than one older sibling wants to dress you in the morning… he may well have three t-shirts and two pairs of shorts here – poor kid!!!


Otherwise driveway football…


And escape!!!


Just love this photo…


And my boys wishing they had their friends in Lesotho to play with…


A huge project was initiated by my little girls…

Almost everyone was involved and it grew and grew…


And then a little brother put an end to it all!!!


Games were played…


And so the day falls into a heap of can't stop laughing banagrams

Strategies pondered…

The iPad explored, though one person appears to be missing the point…zzzzzz

Books were read, almost!!!


And we went to the library…

And then I popped to the library...

Of course we read some books:


Then we read a heap of books…


And then some more books…

Someone has my afternoon all planned out!!! Love it!!!

What's cooking guys?

Our book of the Week has to be:

It has been long awaited and avidly consumed in a sitting – straight through…

And that was @inheritancecp... Wonderful... This guy has been immobilized for four hours straight!!!

Hood 2 has been very quiet this morning...  @inheritancecp is conquered!

And the Artwork of the Week: Treasures under the microscope…

School time... Under the microscope today...

Working towards Christmas… Our shoeboxes are done and this week we need to get “that Christmas photo” done…


And this is what the Hoods Got Up To:

Hood #1: Has run out of hedges for a couple of weeks… so the Bougainvillea was attacked.


He took rocket science to heart and was determined to launch a moon lander…


Hood #2: Has become our Saturday night chef…


Hood #3: Is totally practicing for all the end of year functions…


Hood #4: Invented a game of the egg box, bottle cap variety…



Hood #5: Got a new Chef-Suit, he had so out grown his previous one!!! Huge thanks to our friendly seam-stress!!!

Isn't it cool when a friend makes your celebrity chef some new kit!!!

What can I say chocolatier in training!!! A mother has needs!!!

Hood #6: Has decided that I will never get round to school with her (that’s what she thinks!!!) and has set up her own routine of painting, science, and concotions.


Hood #7: I am madly in love with the collection of little freckles on this nose… I am holding the whole package close, but they grow so fast!!!


Hood #8: Is our beach boy and asks hopefully each morning if today is a beach day…


Because life is all about dig, dig, digging!!!

With a little bit of soccer practice…

And he has caught the lego bug – but only if it is about making pirates…

That’s us – Have a great week!!!

8 Replies to “The Week That Was 4.20…”

  1. After a day of fog and general dreariness, it is so good to see your photos of open blue sky. Ahhh! So many library books. Is there a good selection left for you to choose new books from or do you find old favourites are coming home too?

  2. Hi Cheryl, AAAh so many library books – you would not believe it!!! We do not have a huge library, and the picture books are not even sorted by size!!! I kid you not, heaven help you if you are looking for an actual author – they can only tell you if the book is in the library. But despite that, we seem to come away with our seventy books each week with remarkably few repeats unless they are absolute favorites!!! It is amazing really – I have no idea how the library system works but we always seem to have a fresh supply… and they aren’t copious amounts of new books either… I guess it is careful selecting – it takes at least an hour. And I still love the gasp of one of my children as they find a new shelf of books and “Haa, this is all new!!!”… Only last week one of them found the whole section on World War II and has been immersed in great fat biographies – so finding new books all the time!!! Hope you all have a fun week!!!

  3. Hay Christine… How are you doing? It is always good to have you stop by and visit our blog!!! Thanks for commenting!!! Hope you have a great week and get heaps of stuff done, or just get lists written, while on sabbatical!!!

  4. aaah Summer in a blog post!! Those freckles and that bandana… man… they are just too cute 🙂 looks like an uber fun week xx

  5. Aaahhh Summer!!! Howzit Kerry, Have to say summer isn’t really, really here yet – it is just teasing us!!! Saturday glorious and then torrenting rain on Sunday, Monday… and so on… wishing it would settle in!!!

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