Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #98


  1. Imagination Tree has a cool Advent Calendar on her blog… One her brilliant blog friends after another with an activity, every day for 24 days – lovely!!!
  2. Oh you would love Hobby Starter Kits part 1: and part 2 on Let’s Explore… you will love these.
  3. And if you are looking for Christmas crafts with your kids… Well Sassy Sites gathered up a cool 400 Christmas crafts for kids – I kid you not – you have to take a look!!!
  4. For eye candy you can not beat Chez Beeper Bebe’s Etsy Toy Gift Guide… Go and check it out, it’s delightful!!!
  5. I love and adore Geninne’s Art Blog… Would you just take a look at her puzzles. totally awesomely wonderful!!!
  6. Wouldn’t you just love to live on a houseboat… I know we would!!!Especially if it looked like this one on Becoming You…
  7. Ten things Everyone Should Know About Artificial Food Coloring on Sorta Crunchy… Really you should read this!!!
  8. And a few more links I couldn’t resist…

  9. Love all the ideas on the Birdfeeder post on NutureStore… very inspiring and we may have to feed some of our birds in the hedge, even though it is the middle of Summer and they hardly need any help!!!
  10. And the Homeschool Classroom had the cutest post on Cupcakes – interesting reading!!!
  11. And I have been packing our Kindle with free books to read over the holidays – if you don’t follow Jungle Deals and Steals: Free Kindle Book Round-Up, you really should… totally, totally worth it.
  12. And the se7en+1th Thing: If you feel like organizing!!!

  13. This week on Org Junkie’s 52 Weeks we are at Week 49: Say No to Scattered and Unfocused Organizing.

  14. In the Christmas department we have a photograph of everyone smiling and focused!!! I know cards should have been sent… but I am happy with slow and steady!!! And no I am not showing you the picture right now!!!


    Meanwhile, we had a heap of internet ups and downs this week… so every time the internet went down I decided to clean out a drawer. Slow and steady, one by one… brilliant!!! The problem is… everybody makes use of every drawer and while folks don’t always put things back by far the biggest problem is the putting back of empty containers… seriously they could be useful!!! Anyway, our crafty drawers are back in shape and we can actually find our stuff and get on with a whole lot of pending projects!!!



    To order…


    Times 16…

    But the achievement of the week is one of the last things on my 52 week list: Sort out the hanging cupboard door… I know I have the only kids in the world that hang on kitchen cupboards. Hang on the kitchen cupboards till they fall off the wall…


    So we had confession warning a cupboard door of its hinges for THREE years!!! And I decided to make it look intentional and take the the other door off the cupboard too…


    Then painted the cupboard with paint from the piles of paint tins in the garage!!!


    And finally added some boxes for the pots and vegetables… project done.


Meanwhile, I would love if you found some inspiration in our Complete Christmas Gift Guide:

That’s us! Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

2 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun #98”

  1. I will never be bored again… You always find just what will make us smile!!! Your organizational skills are inspirational. :). And slow and steady… Way to go on your cards!!

  2. Katherine Marie… What a week… I couldn’t stop finding lovely things to look at on the internet!!! Really madness… but so much lovely stuff to see!!! Hope you and your little one are doing great!!! Lots of love…

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