Saturday Spot: Se7en’s Essential Guide to Cape Town…

The one thing about visiting any city is to find out where the locals hang out and so I thought I would post a post with a couple of our favorite haunts…

Se7en Must do Outings in Cape Town this Summer…


Green Point Park


Charley’s Bakery


Old Biscuit Mill


Inthaka Island




Simonstown Walk About


A Day out in Kalk Bay



And Some Essential Guides:


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Se7en Budget outings in the Cape Peninsula


Se7en Priceless Outings in Cape Town


Se7en of the Best Outings Around Cape Town


Se7en Fabulous Holiday Programs in Cape Town


Cape Town in a Weekend

6 Replies to “Saturday Spot: Se7en’s Essential Guide to Cape Town…”

  1. I LOVE the street with the pastel-colored buildings! Makes me want to live on that street! I am also envious of your beach, since I live in Tennessee, which is nowhere near the ocean!

  2. Hi Maria, How fabulous of you to comment… That street is in a part of town known as the Bo-Kaap and it really a beautiful area on the edge of the city, with its own history and culture and cuisine… and a wonderful place to visit, to walk around and meet people. We have friends that lived there and what a wonderful place to visit and play and meet heaps of new kids because the playgrounds are packed with kids playing after school and before supper… very vibey and a great street-life!!! And the beaches… what can I say!!! I just cannot imagine living far from a beach, I think the beach is definitely part of Cape town’s way of life. Hope you have a fabulous week!!!

  3. Mmmm, wonderul!! Thank you Se7en. Such a great place to look when deciding where to go. Thanks for all your great recommendations and many blessings to your special family this Christmas.

  4. Hay KM, Glad we could show you some summery looking fun!!! You should visit!!! Plenty of beach days are waiting for you!!! Lots of love!!!

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