Se7en Make a Boabab Christmas Tree Cake… Summer Party Fun!!!

Our friends at Yuppie Chef have an annual Festive Cake Icing Challenge…

And today was the last day to enter, So of course today we decided that it was a good day to take a break from all the hustle and bustle and have some fun… Now you might need a little creativity in understanding our entry… they were looking for a Christmas cake with a South African theme… So we made a Boabab Christmas tree… next to a little hut!!!

We started with the flavor of Christmas and Gingerbread animals from the African plains and goats of course!!!

And a little bit of icing to help them look more like the wild beasts they represent…

We ground up some gingerbread cookies to make “sand” and we popped skewers into licorice strings to make baobab branches, and finally a Christmas tree wouldn’t be a Christmas tree without a string of lights so we threaded jelly beans onto florist wire.

Then we wrapped our christmas gifts…

For our African hut and our tree we used ice-cream because lets face it, it is the middle of summer here and we are dying of heat and crying out for ice-cream… so here is our hut with a melted mint chocolate roof and chopped dried fruit squares to make the pattern. (We kept the ice-cream part of the cake on saucers because lets face it no one wants a soggy cake).

The gifts were left on the roof of the hut – the hut has no chimney after all!!!

Then onto the tree…

A stem of ice-cream and we dripped melted mint-chocolate down the sides for bark…

Then we added the branches and Christmas lights… And a couple of wild animals…

And we were done… Here’s the Boabab tree – all lit up with Christmas lights and some wild animals wandering around it.

Thanks again Yuppie-Chef for some baking fun!!! You guys are the best for getting us cooking!!! Hope you all enjoy the holidays!!! We will have to send you a picture of us enjoying the feast… a party cake indeed!!!

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  1. Hay Jacki, Glad you like our creative cake!!! I know if we didn’t actually say what it was no one on this earth would actually know what it was – but we had a lot of fun putting it together!!! Hope you are having a fabulous week and not totally freezing!!!

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