Se7en + 1 Bazillion of The Latest and Greatest Kids Reads for 2012…

Today is International Book Giving Day… and a little later we are going to post our Book Giving Project. We are going to need lots of help from all our readers with our project but in the meantime we thought we would wet your appetites with a feast of the latest and greatest books for kids that are coming out this year… So read away and enjoy and go ahead and get sidetracked again and again – I know I did!!!

Supposing You Have Never Been To A Book Bonanza… Then let me tell you what it’s like. It all began with an invitation… from Pan MacMillan SA to my first ever book show… And I was blown away by the latest and soon to be released books that are coming out for kids. I know I am going to love and swoon my way through picture books – I read them by the dozen daily… but what really blew me away was all the lovely teen reads that are available.


The event was held at the Two Oceans Aquarium in the Waterfront and quite frankly that is my best spot for events and I haven’t been to one since I became a parent. So I was so excited to be invited… not to mention the nature of the event: A showcase of the latest and greatest and upcoming books in children’s books – Oh yes please!!!


There you go coffee and snacks to begin with and I have to say I didn’t know a single person there. But I knew I would meet up with familiar faces like Where’s Wally, Maisy Mouse and Alex Rider really soon. Coffee done and we went to join our swag bags packed with goodies to die for!!! Treats for book enthusiasts from MacMillan Children’s Books, Priddy Books, Walker Books and Hachette Books…


Now, let’s get on to the stuff about books:

  1. I have had this impression that all teen reads are kind of paranormal fantasy, futuristic flavors that I just can’t relate to… But I was so pleasantly surprised by the array of books in this category that I am dying to read!!! Dying to read!!! is the showcase of Pan MacMillan Young Adult and teen reads… Where they showcase new books, authors series and so on… In this category I am loving the Debutantes by Cora Harrison… due to be out later in the year. It is a historical novel about four sisters who are stuck in an old mansion in the English countryside of the 1920’s. They decide the only escape from their humdrum life will be to get to London and “come out.” I am definitely off to find more books by this author!!! All Things I’ve Done by Gabrielle Zevin looks like it is going to be a must, must read… a future mafia story with a heroine who won’t give up. And there’s chocolate involved. The Tempest by Julie Cross is a “Time Traveller for Teens.” And Hood #2 will be thrilled to know that there are new Young Sherlock Holmes coming … say no more… And the official sequel to Ian Fleming’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is coming out, by from Frank Cottrell Boyce. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again. I know we are going to enjoy that!
  2. Let’s look at some up and coming picture books: Who can resist Emily Gravett… You have to look at Emily Gravett’s How to Draw a Dragon. And she is coming to visit South Africa… really!!! Have you seen Chris Riddell’s Alienography… My boys will simply die to read this!!! And then the Inkpen’s: Mick and his daughter Chloe have teamed up to bring us Zoe and Beans!!! New Julia Donaldson’s and I know I am going to love her Paper Dolls more than anything, about a little girl that makes a string of paper dolls.
  3. Priddy Books: Tons of new Sticker/Activity books with stickers to stick literally everywhere… but their really cute “books to be” are infant books… you have to see these: extra light, extra tough, packed with eye catching patterns – totally darling!!! Look out for them… And a new zany, fun Millie Moo… this time a counting book. You know already I am going to blog all about these!!!
  4. Walker Books also believe that if you inspire pre-schoolers with great books then you will create readers for life and they have a dedicated fun filled website for picture books… Rocking with cuteness and delightful books to look forward to.
    • Utterly lovely One by Mary Murphy. There are some people in my life that need to know they are utterly lovely, every single day.
    • Cowboy baby!! Don’t want to go to bed !!! You know this is good – you know it!!! The story of a short cowboy who would not go to bed… I know my little pirate would totally love this!!!
    • A Place to Call Home is a book for us… se7en little animals need a new home when there underground den becomes more than a squash and a squeeze!!! The search is on!!!
    • World champion at staying awake!!! This sounds like a book we have to read!!!
    • Maisy Mouse: Goes on and on and right now Maisy is Hood #8’s favorite!!!
    • They also showed us new skyline board books… with topics like creepy crawlies and dinosaurs – I loved them but you will have to wait to see them!!!

  5. And a heap of reads between picture books and teen reads:
  6. There is so much going on at Walker Books that I am amazed they ever sleep… Did you know they have a dedicated website for young adults. I don’t want to say where have I been… I just want to say I’m back: Check out… I know that I could lose my teens in here… in books that I want to read!!! With authors like Mal Peet and Girl Stolen by April Henry looks totally gripping… seriously, I have to know what happens and that’s just from the blurb!!! Have your teens read Triskellion? My guys have seen the trailer and they just can’t wait to get their hands on it. And what about coming soon:Anthony Horowitz’s final in the Power of Five Series: Oblivion!!!
  7. The last speaker was Fran for Hachette Books… and did she have a lot of yummy books to explore:
    • We love and adore Geraldine McCaughrean and she is bringing out a delightful picture book: Pittipat’s Saucer of Moon. A satisfying story about a little black kitten on an adventure.
    • I will pass on the Rainbow Magic Series, never tell my daughter that!!! But I love that they are bringing out easy readers for my up and coming beginner reader!!!
    • A new series my kids are going to love: The Secret Breakers by H.L.Dennis.A couple of kids on a quest that involves breaking real codes…
    • And a new Cherub Series, my kids are so excited about this… and a copy of the first was in our swag bag – no one around here is complaining at all!!!
    • I am excited about reading Slated by Teri Terry, This looks like a corker: A young girl’s mind is wiped clean and she is told that she is a former terrorist… but is she? Thrilling read full of twists and turns.
    • David Gatward is bringing out Doom Rider in September… The cover of his previous books look really gruesome, but it sounds like an interesting read and I would certainly give it a try!!! It is the story of Seth Crow, he is being hunted and must be killed before his thirteenth birthday, before he fulfills his destiny… I’m curious!!!

    And the Se7en + 1th Thing…

  8. Did You Know… Wally, of Where’s Wally Fame and I share a birthday!!! We do!!! Well Wally will be 25 and I will be 19 again…But I sense a massive party coming on!!! Where’s Wally will be twenty-five this year – twenty-five!!! Who can remember life before Where’s Wally!!! Anyway lots of exciting goodies are coming out to celebrate his birthday… book bags, activity books, sticker books and apparel!!! And I am so thinking we need a huge party on account of this: cake, kids… you know an event!!!
  9. LondonHong KongParisDublin

    And just so you know… the novelty books that I loved the most from the whole morning’s event… The ones that I just can’t wait to be out… were the 3D Keepsake Cityscapes by Sarah McMenemy of Walker Books: Beautifully illustrated little fold out books of London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Washington, Dublin… So very very darling!!! Maybe a collection of these these will help conquer my traveling bug!!!

    Thanks so much to PanMacmillan UK, Liz from Priddy Books, Jane Harris from Walker Books UK and Fran for Hachette/Orchard Books for a wonderful morning of book viewing!!!

10 Replies to “Se7en + 1 Bazillion of The Latest and Greatest Kids Reads for 2012…”

  1. Can’t imagine a much more exciting day out. I’ve got a little person who is fascinated by cityscapes-she will be itching to get one of those.

  2. Hay Zoe!!! Oh Wish we could have gone together, we would have had such a ball oohing and aaahing!!! So many books to read I think I am finally going to have to quit blogging to read and read and read and read… I am looking forward to a great year of reading!!! Hope you have fun at your event this week too!!!

  3. Hi Sarah, We had a brilliant, brilliant time – and those cityscapes are just too die for!!! Look out for them I am sure I will be blogging about them soon!!! Hope you have a great day!!!

  4. It’s not “Where’s Wally?” here in the U.S. It’s “Where’s Waldo?”

    I LOVE the Internet. The things I learn about the other side of the world while sitting right here in my chair!

  5. Oh Rebecca, that is funny!!! My kids wouldn’t have a clue who Waldo was or that they should actually look for him!!! It is a small world and a wide world all at the same time!!! Hope you have a great day!!!

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