Welcome To Our WebSite… Se7en Interviewed on Parent24….

Just wanted to say a wonderful welcome to the readers from Parent 24… who are visiting our site today!!!


We were thrilled to be interviewed over there!!! If you are visiting for the first time then we would like to show you around our website just a little bit… And if you are one of our loyal readers then pop over there and see what I had to say to their questions:

  1. What have you enjoyed most about being a parent so far?
  2. Are there any challenges you’ve found which have been particularly tough?
  3. What would you do over, if you had the chance?
  4. Do you have any tips for pregnant moms?
  5. Any tips you have for new parents, based on your own experiences?
  6. What characterizes a “good parent”, and would you call yourself one?
  7. Do you feel you have enough support?
  8. And the se7en + 1th question:

  9. Your craziest parenting moment? Why not share it with us?


Meanwhile for the longest time our blog has needed a Welcome page… to tell folk what we are about and how to find and use the resources on our website… So here is a mini-tour of almost four years of blogging and finding your way around about a bazzilion posts:

  1. All About us: Firstly we are a family with se7en + 1 kids, we live in Cape Town, South Africa and love sharing our life and times… our day to day adventures, travels, crafts, school ideas, recipes… you can read all about us here, and go travel back in time to the start of our blog.
  2. Se7en +1 Collections: We have been blogging for a few years now and to make it easier to navigate past post I gathered our posts into “Se7en+1” Collections… the big bright buttons on the left hand side. We usually post se7en days a week and pop a new post into each collection each week – so always updating, always new goodies to read and yet easy to access all that has past!!!
  3. Categories: Sometimes folk are looking for a little bit more detail or you are dashing to a favorite previous post… well just the collections you can find our much more detailed category links.
  4. Special Features: On the right hand side we list our Special Features… These are special projects or journeys that we have been on and that you are welcome to explore…
  5. Our Calendar: Just below our special features on the right hand side is our calendar, we have been working on this since we started blogging. It is a resource packed with fun celebrations and kid friendly links and recommended books for almost every day of the year!!!
  6. Se7en Cares: We do use our blog and our on-line community to serve others, we have held virtual tea-parties for Cancer, we have raised school materials for a rural school in Lesotho, and recently we have built a library of books for the same school in Lesotho. Our readers are phenomenal and love joining in to support us on our adventures.
  7. Popular Posts: We have a few posts that folk return to again and again…
    1. It’s a Wrap in Se7en Steps.
    2. The Quickest Easiest Cake Recipe in the World.
    3. Se7en Things You Forget About Newborns.
    4. Se7en Reasons Why Children Don’t Play Anymore.
    5. The Kitchen Tour…
    6. Go Dog Go – Do You Like My Hat?
    7. Everything You Need To Know About Party Pinatas.
    8. And the se7en + 1th post…

    9. Se7en of the Best Bazillion Chapter Books – A Book Bonanza.

    And the Se7en + 1th Thing About our Blog…

  8. Contact Us: Our blog is reader driven, we love hearing from our readers and often reader questions get answered in a follow up blog post. If your question has been answered before then I will point you in the right direction..
  9. That’s us… thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

5 Replies to “Welcome To Our WebSite… Se7en Interviewed on Parent24….”

  1. Oh that was awesome! Really liked ‘smile and wave’ – I still have to use that one!!! And the plumbing event! I had to laugh! (Though I am not saying it was necessarily funny at the time …)
    Lots of love!

  2. Hay Corli!!! How are you on the far side of the world!!! I do indeed have a plumber in the making – I tell you the crazy things they do… sometimes you have to just sit on the floor and laugh along!!! Hope you have a brilliant day!!!

  3. the plumbing did make me laugh!! I’m surprised he could unscrew those tight screws 🙂

  4. Well Irene, they weren’t quite as tight as you might imagine… try it!!! But they sure are a mission to get back in place… The mother person has become a super-hero plumber on account of this child… lighting up washers and pipes and catching spillages … I tell you, never a dull moment!!! Hope you enjoy the long weekend!!!

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