Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun – #119


Welcome to our Friday Fun…If I told you I have been reading a fabulous book all weekend and so the usual lag in our posts has expanded somewhat!!! Trust me it is all good, my children tell me that rest and relaxation are so important… So I will tick that R&R box and say here are our fun links from around the web this week:

  1. Are you up to a challenge, do you live with a fort lover… then Colour Me There has a colorful challenge you will love!!!
  2. I just loved this post on Blog Getaway this week – wouldn’t you love to go on a Cape Malay Cooking Safari!!! Honestly it sounds wonderful!!! I think the gang and I must at least rise to the challenge and master some new recipes!!!
  3. I love and adore Pip from Meet Me at Mikes – love her style, love that she blogs about what she is loving right now… Well this week she wrote Blogging and how to a Blog-cess-ful blogger” on… what can I say – excellent, excellent post.
  4. After the father person and I shared our nineteenth anniversary a week or so back I read this article: 7 Easier Ways to Have a Better, Happier Relationship… on and I have to say – so glad I didn’t think of writing this post – cause someone has already written it for me.

    If I had to aad a “Se7en + 1th Thing…” I would say do stuff together, find something you love doing that you would be doing anyway and work together… there is nothing like working alongside each other to provide time and space to chat and share together. The father person loves cooking and he can leave the most unbelievable trail behind him!!! Someone has to clean up and I am that person. Seriously, I love washing a few pots and pans and chopping a couple things, especially if it means spending time alongside him in the kitchen. All the while we are working together in the food factory we call home!!! So purposeful time together and by the time he finishes the kitchen is clean, the task is complete and we are left free until the next meal!!!

  5. Compassion Bloggers: Tanzania 2012

  6. There is a new group of Compassion bloggers on a trip and this time to Tanzania in Africa. I love following these bloggers and I have met some of my all time favorite bloggers through following these trips. The thing is, these trips are life-changing, and I need to read about them to keep my heart focused on a reality in the world that we all try to turn away from. Compassion International are trying to fix some of the many imbalances in the world… by helping one child at a time. Why am I excited about this trip – well it is in Africa, and I live in Africa – it is in my heart; and Tanzania… the father person used to work their quite a bit… which makes it personal. Click on the button and follow along – trust me it will be worth the ride.
  7. And just when I have been thinking I must do something Olympian – Red Ted Art pipped me to the post and then featured one of our posts in her 20+ Olympic Crafts and Activities!!! Love it!!! And talking of features, there is some new crafty fun on the internet, over at: “All Free Kids Crafts” fab to get a feature!!!
  8. And since there is no denying that Winter has arrived over here… think cold, wet, dark early… look no further than the wonderful Katherine Marie to provide us with some movie night inspiration!!! This must be the year we get into family movies… gotta get this project going and what better place to start than with E.T.
  9. And the se7en + 1th Thing…

  10. Meanwhile I “am in” on the Great-Garage-Clean-Out Challenge… Had I known you all wanted more organizing posts then I would have provided them!!! I have a couple lined up for you this week and I will endeavor to remember to post a bunch more organizing tips… It’s not like we ever stop organizing people and stuff and meals and school and well just about everything over here!!!

That’s us… Hope you all have a fabulous week!!!

4 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Friday Fun – #119”

  1. Hay “Long Miles Coffee Project”… you stopped by!!! Made my day!!! Sorry your French wasn’t rocking this morning – hope it gets better really soon!!! Have a fabulous week!!!

  2. A very very very happy belated anniversary!!!!!! Wow 19 years! That is so completely awesome. Next year will be the big 2 o!!!!! I can’t wait I hear about your movie nights!!! We just got into them again… And the kids are really enjoying our time together. Do you remember “back to the future? ” we should do a cross the globe movie night… And watch the same show and do some activities!!!!!

  3. Katherine… Isn’t it funny how we grew up in such in different worlds and yet we watched the same movies!!! Too funny!!! I love the idea of a trans-atlantic movie night!!! I never saw “Back to the Future” but we are big ET fans!!! Hope you all have a fun week!!!

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